Always a good “read” – created or curated.

Insights on events happening in our side of the planet.

Discussed with intelligence. With wit. Without fear.

Objective, to some extent.

But honest… the way all opinions should be.


9 thoughts on “Always a good “read” – created or curated.”

    1. korek… in the spanish context.
      i am aware of this but in my mom’s good ole town of cavite city… and in my dad’s gapan… a chubibo is a ferris wheel.

      thanks for the heads up!

  1. ah, okay…I’m from Negros and we have a lot of Spanish words and chubibo to us is exactly what it means in Spanish, I did not know that in Cavite and Nueva Ecija, it means ferris wheel…well, now I know 😉

  2. Hi. Good day. This is Twinkle from TV5 News and Public Affairs. I would just like to ask for permission to use the photos of Vitalino Aguirre posted in one of your blog entries. Please get back to me soon. Thank you very much and God bless!

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