Oh no! Not another bullying video in an exclusive school


I woke up early today to send off my Christmas e-cards to friends & relatives… when I inadvertently opened a newly arrived PM. A video was attached.

What I saw was terribly disturbing.

I blurred most parts of the video but what it showed was two individuals: one, a very young student on his knees and the other – an older guy with a smirk on his face (possibly, a teacher or a much older student or a person of authority) inside a toilet cubicle.

What the older person was prodding the young student to do will elevate any parent’s blood pressure. All this recorded on tape by a willing accomplice manning the phone camera.

There are perverts running amok (even/especially in exclusive schools) and getting young people traumatized for life.

Do we need to shock ourselves first – before we take decisive action?

Tanginang bad trip talaga.

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