Chubibo Fearless Forecast

It’s that time of the year when we examine our mental crystal balls to try and figure out what’s ahead in the new year.

I would like to share the little trinkets I was able to catch from my “fishing” expedition

  1. Buoyed by the success of the Metro Manila Film Fest, a new crop of young filmmakers will emerge. Armed with their Canons and Black Magics and Macbooks, the newfound excitement in making movies will usher in yet another golden age of Philippine cinema
  2. America will be “friends again” with the Philippines upon Donald Trump’s assumption of the presidency
  3. International media will realize that they’ve been suckered and taken for a ride by the triad of power-hungry Philippine opposition clowns, oligarchs and drug lords… and will report more favorably about the Duterte presidency
  4. The Supreme Court will rule justly and firmly on a controversial election protest
  5.  A Philippine musical icon will leave the local music scene. Forever.
  6. Ikea starts building its first store in the country – making a choice from two shortlisted locations:  Bulacan or Sta. Rosa
  7. The mother of all endorsers will see her endorsement gigs decreasing by the month and her popularity going “south” rapidly
  8. The defenders vs destabilizers will find themselves busy writing newspaper columns – subbing permanently for boring, irrelevant columnists who have been around since God wore short pants
  9. The Senate will be in dizzying re-org mode
  10. The growing number of casinos will find new ways to give themselves a wholesome image while vacumming the hard-earned money of suckers… eh… clients
  11. Intense wining and dining will kick off the all-out campaign of the two TV networks to have their franchises renewed
  12. A 5-star entertainer will ache for new relevance to a career that seems to have plateaued
  13. A controversial senator will continue to open his/her mouth unraveling a head devoid of a brain
  14. The imaginative crooks at the Bureau of Immigration will find new ways of separating travellers and OFWs from their dollars and pesos
  15. SBMA will be a mess again… will be in the news again

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