Not Just… Another Story

We kept hearing rave reviews about this new resto that’s 5 minutes from our house.

So close on Daanghari that it held the promise of relief from dining at the traffic-choked area of Commerce Avenue in Alabang and eliminated the need to zip down to millennial-infested BGC.

But when we went to Another Story’s opening night, it was filled to the rafters and they couldn’t make room for me and my dinner date – even if we were willing to happily go through a 2-hour wait.

Three weeks later, we got lucky.

One of two entrances to Another Story

Hard to faithfully describe the place: it feels like Disneyland with all the bright lights but has touches of a Martin Scorsese mafia movie.

One cursory casing of the joint will convince you that the well-traveled owner must have picked up trinkets and ideas in all her stops around the world.

The look of Another Story is mind-boggling and obviously the product of a left-minded, artistic entrepreneur who is a closet interior decorator.

You be the judge.

Every body has a story to tell – the owner tells hers at the foyer
story 6
Still figuring out how much the airlines levied for all these treasures
Roomy and classy ambience
Must have taken ages to decide what to put and what not to
Chairs with uncoordinated colors – like Bibeth Orteza’s shoeses
Quotes plaster the whole place – corny at first, but addictive
As you are taken to your seat, the route is filled with temptations

Famished and excited for more surprises ahead, we gave our orders.

Caesar’s salad to share. Tribeca clam chowder to share. Prawns thermidor with black rice for my date. And a simple (or, should I say sinful) eggs benedict for me.

Did the food do justice to the gorgeous interiors?

You bet. We were so busy wolfing down our orders that we forgot to take the customary food shots.

But not to worry.

We took a shot of one of the best parts of the meal.

Salted caramel cheesecake with the texture of leche flan
The final touch – the delicious house coffee served with passion

It was a perfect meal and it didn’t cost us an arm and a leg.

More than just another restaurant, Another Story is a destination… a place to feel good and reward one’s self for working much too hard.

My only beef is… not with Another Story.

It’s with the way the restroom of Manny Villar’s Evia Lifestyle Center is constructed… the toilet floor is one inch lower than the level of the mall. So as you enter thinking  of the great meal you’ve just had, you’re in for a rude jolt.

But… that’s another story.

ANOTHER STORY is on the Second Floor, Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari Road, Almanza, Las Piñas City


It’s rolling on July 15…


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