Will gladly turn Japanese for this!

“It is only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea,
But it wouldn’t be make believe
If you believed in me…”

I used to remember these words as part of the lyrics of a Nat King Cole ditty in the 60s. But recently, it took on a more appetizing meaning when I stumbled upon a quaint kiosk in Glorietta 3.

paper moon

The place is called Paper Moon Cake Boutiques and Cafe… and its claim to fame: a surprisingly unique kind of dessert.

The cafe is the brainchild of Tokyo’s Madame Kazuko Emy Wada, who has been creating specialty cakes for over 40 years. She began her career as the supplier of seven out of 10 of the best cafés in Tokyo before opening her own chain of specialty cake shops that she called Paper Moon.

Madame Emy Wada is best known for her Original Mille Crepe Cake, a decadent, classic French cake consisting of 20 layers of paper thin crepes, individually separated with a thin layer of French pastry cream. The word mille means “a thousand,” implying the many layers of crêpe.

A slice of Mango Mille Crepe

The mille crepe comes in three flavors – original, chocolate and mango.

One thing that sets apart the Paper Moon mille crepe is the brûléed surface, giving the dessert a nice caramelized twist.

One might imagine that cutting into a twenty-layered crepe would be difficult and messy but Paper Moon’s mille crepe is delicate and compact, making each slice such a convenient experience. I tried the chocolate mille crepe and it was a lovely surprise: light and creamy, not too sweet and yet still decadent enough to appease a (restricted) dessert lover like myself.

My new default dessert place
My new default dessert place

Clearly, the local Paper Moon franchise holder (in this instance, Boss Vic del Rosario – head honcho of Viva Entertainment) has a hit in his hands.

A situation that he is quite familiar and perfectly at home with.


There’s a Paper Moon Cafe at Glorietta 3, Trinoma and SM Megamall.

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