Why Original Pilipino Music is dying… and has become irrelevant

I’m no social scientist but I think I’ve zeroed in on what went wrong with Original Pilipino Music.

Why it is no longer attractive to our youth.

Why you don’t hear much of it on radio.

Why “timeless” classics are getting harder and harder to come by.

The revolution called “Original Pilipino Music” or OPM (not to be confused with an organization that cleverly hijacked the initials) happened in the mid-70s.

Exciting times… OPM eradicated the then prevailing local music genre “kundiman” from the face of the earth.

Why did it happen?

Because the decade’s young had an itching desire to express themselves musically… and what were available (Ric Manrique, Ruben Tagalog, Mabuhay Singers) were simply not “it”.

It helped greatly that the recording bosses were young themselves.

Here is my hypothesis in graphic form.





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