Somebody Tell Jim Paredes… “hindi ito bola”

The nice thing about social media is that netizens are more than willing to correct any misinformation that people start reading on the web.
To cite an example, this tweet was shared extensively on the web.

However, Rizalino Jose Cabanban begged to disagree:

Somebody tell Jim Paredes that Jimmy Carter assumed full responsibility for the failed Operation Eagle Claw operation in April 24, 1980 where 8 US special operations crew members were killed, their bodies along with five aircraft were left behind in the desert. It was a national embarrassment yet Carter went on national television April 25. He did not blame special operations commanders. It cost him re-election but he assumed the responsibility for failure. He did not wait for three days before addressing the people and blaming others.

Somebody tell Jim Paredes that John F, Kenndy assumed sole responsibility for the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961. More than 200 commandos were killed and more than a thousand were captured and imprisoned. It was a failure of intelligence, faulty planning and flawed execution on the part of the CIA. Kennedy went on national television and assumed sole responsibility. He acted as a commander in chief should. He did not wait three days to address a nation groping for answers..

Somebody tell Jim Paredes that a, a British Prime Minister named Neville Chamberlain entered into a sham peace with the Nazis in 1938, he announced “peace in our time.” Germany invaded Poland the following year. Chamberlain resigned the premiership on 10 May 1940 after the Allies were forced to retreat from Norway. The rest is history, the Germans drove British and Allied troops to the beaches of Dunirk.

Being commander in chief bestows both authority and responsibility. If you want to be commander in chief. Act like one.

16 thoughts on “Somebody Tell Jim Paredes… “hindi ito bola””

  1. A leader who sends his men to their deaths should honor them, not some car plant in Laguna!! That car plant can wait!! And for you, Mr Paredes, to not know the difference between that, is something a true leader should. Puntang ina!!

  2. Perhaps Pnoy is thinking about who will succeed him if he does resign. Binay? Yikes! A case of from the frying pan into the fire!

  3. You don’t have to set an example,Mali yun.nasa sarili mong bansa ang nangyaring krimen,dapat as a commander in chief , you have to assume full responsibilities.ang tanga mo pala ehhh! Ang mga nangyari Sa Ibang bansa ,huwag mong itulad dto Sa pilipinas.

  4. Im a Filipino professional who chose to stay, work, pay taxes,serve my country….i am disappointed w/ our president over mamasapano..can you blame me Jim Paredes? Are you still a tax-paying filipino to have the right to tell us we are wrong?

  5. Agree that Pnoy should take responsibility in the deaths of the 44. But in fairness to mr. paredes, he is just pointing out the rationale behind the argument that aquino must resign. And I think he’s right.

  6. rational minds want pnoy to clean up the mess he made. we want him to step up instead of stepping down. trouble is, his blind followers are too much sheep. they claim they welcome positive criticism but in reality, they are dismissive of ANY criticism, even being very patronizing of well-thought out comments by arrogant ad hominem. most of us are simply giving up on positive engagement. if he refuses to acknowledge and BE HUMBLE of factually valid criticism, then his future blunders are inevitable. with such a future in mind, better the steady hand of the corrupt than the fatal leadership of the incompetent.

  7. Jim should know
    Jim should listen
    Jim should be remimded that death comes only once and the car plant is their to stay, what damage would it cause to have its innaguration postponed? None!
    So That Jim would know the damage left by his President not attending to honor the Fallen 44 is here to stay!

    Now Mr. Jim do you know what is really going on?

  8. After the French debacle in Dien Bien Phu the French Government resigned and a new Prime Minister was elected Pierre Mendes France who supported the French withdrawal from Indochina!

  9. Why spend time giving attention to one who has already denounced his citizenship and is now a foreigner meddling in our internal affairs?

  10. After Pearl Harbor was attacked Mr. Jim Paredes. The US President immediately went to US Congress and delivered a mighty speech to the Nation regarding the attack and Declared War to Japan!

  11. In the current constitution, a snap election will be held for the positions of president and vice president on the condition that both positions are vacant and the next scheduled presidential election is more than 18 months away. So if we worry about Binay. Let us call for the resignation of both men and ask for a snap election hehe.. Pero yun lang hindi madali yun..

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