GRABe Taxi – if you didn’t like my comment, don’t ask for my reply again and again and again.


I received this comment from GRABe Taxi

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.32.48 AM

I already commented days ago. But they deleted my reply.

And they’ve been sending this “update” for quite a number of times.

No longer funny.

Stop the “updates” if you don’t like my reaction, my candidness.

Let me react again.

An update is not important to me. What’s more important is that you answer disturbing questions about your service/app.

  1. How do you vet taxi cabs that become part of the “network” of your app/service?
  2. Do you talk with the operator? Check their vehicles? Check out their drivers?
  3. Or does any operator who text/call you automatically become aligned? Doesn’t that offset the “peace of mind” you subliminally offer?
  4. Is there a scientific method of checking the performance of these taxicabs other than hearing about complaints of customers like me?
  5. My deleted reply consisted of a line that said that you have become grossly careless, terribly complacent and more interested in profits. Is your share of the P70 service charge more important than making sure each passenger’s life is not endangered inside a Grab Taxi?
  6. Will this reply again be deleted?

Grabe. Thank you.



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