Cathay Pacific, you suck… and your rude personnel suck even more


I have a friend who is a “rah rah” girl for the Philippines. She travels a lot to promote our homegrown products in major capitals of the world.

Because of her job, she has experienced the service of just about every airline but swears nothing is worse than that of Cathay Pacific.

(Can this service deficiency/disorder have anything to do with the fact that the airline’s homebase is Hong Kong – consistently enjoying top of mind awareness for rudeness and indifference?)

Back to my friend.

Yesterday, she was booked on CX906, the Cathay Pacific 11 am flight from Manila.

The departure was delayed so by the time my friend arrived in Hong Kong – after making a mad dash to the gate for her connecting flight, she was informed that she could ride the plane but that her luggage would have to be delivered to her the next day since there was no time to transfer them.

The airline personnel even volunteered a specific “best efforts” time when she and her luggage will again be reunited.

Not wanting to travel without her luggage, my friend asked if she could just take a later flight.

So instead of taking the 2:30 pm flight, she decided to take the one scheduled at 5:30 pm.

There were lackadaisical reassurances that her luggage will be loaded in that later flight.

So far, this narrative sounds quite normal and civil – but, it was anything but that.

My friend asked for the business card of the ground representative of Cathay Pacific.

He said he run out.

So she took his picture!

That’s when Andy Leung, the shockingly rude ground representative of Cathay, started screaming at the lady.


He even had the nerve to tell her that it was not his problem that her luggage would be delayed.

Guess what.

My friend is now in Hanoi where she was told that her luggage was not loaded.

So tomorrow she will represent our beloved Philippines in a major conference wearing red pants and a black shirt.

(Maybe, she should dance the “manlalatik” or some other folk dance at the event so that her “costume” is sort of justified.)

("manlalatik" photo from
(“manlalatik” photo from

Lesson learned: When flying Cathay Pacific, pack half of your wardrobe in your carry on. And never take picture picture of their rude ground representatives.

They know how to get mad… and get even.


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