Singlehandedly destroying Philippine Airlines’ reputation

The poor fellow on Seat 4C was shivering.

Exhausted… hungry… he had come from an all-night editing gig and rushed to the airport with no sleep.

(The  body apparently has its effective ways of complaining about how over-driven and overworked it is.)

Upon seeing a male steward, Seat 4C passenger pleaded… no, begged for a blanket.

The steward gave an uncaring nod.

Fifteen minutes later… and still no blanket.

Seat 4C passenger was freezing.

Fortunately, a female flight attendant passed by and asked what was wrong.

After being informed, the attendant immediately produced a blanket.

That male steward in the beginning of this story never came back.

The clown never showed his face either to Seat 7D passenger who was also freezing… and who also requested for a blanket.

The useless SOB was too lazy to care for passengers in need.


When Seat 4C passenger felt well enough to report the unforgivable “incident”, he went to the galley where the attendants were collectively chilling.

The SOB (probably scared to death) had no balls for a confrontation.

But a name was extracted from a cautiously protective colleague.

This is a true story.

I was Seat 4C passenger… and the Seat 7D passenger was my daughter.

Remember the name of that lazy, uncaring steward next time you fly Philippine Airlines:

Francis Vinzon

49 thoughts on “Singlehandedly destroying Philippine Airlines’ reputation”

  1. Mali ng pinasukang work, dapat fired out. Baka may period or bilog ang buwan kaya ganoon, haha. Nakasira ng biyahe.

    1. hindi rason yon kong bago man cya dre he got in a profession courtesy job to serve costumers that he should do and not avoid. just a bad attitude with no fearing God in his heart. di dapat fired out ka agad but i believe in second chance for that person to redeem himself.

    2. Not getting what the person said is not an excuse. You can always ask that person again instead of pretending you understood.

      The request was also not impossible to do. Another stewardess was able to accomplish it within minutes.

      In short I agree with writer, this SOB is merely arrogant enough to not give a f*** about his pasengers and just wants to do things with least effort.

      If he’s sick or whatever, it STILL doesnt give him an excuse. He is in an industry that puts other people first (a people industry)… so he should also remember that everytime he steps in to a plane.

      Glad I wasn’t in that flight and that was not my kid /sibling / relative etc. I would have taken more aggressive yet non-violent actions (i.e demand PAL for compensation)

  2. He is not new. A quick google search on him shows the pic above is from a PAL graduating class of 2008.

  3. I remember one time, this steward have a friend seated next to me. He just shoved his whole body in front of me, without even saying excuse me to reach his friend. I wonder if it was him, looks like him. Mla to sfo flight.

  4. If is this true then make a formal incident report to the PAL Management. He shouldn’t be at any airline company.

  5. This should be brought to president of PAL! If you ask me he should be fired! Did he know that 4C & 7D are co-passengers? Malas niya si Dennis Garcia ka! I wonder how many more passengers got ill service from this SOB in his years of tenure! Let’s make this viral so the likes of Francis Vinzon will be scarred to hell.
    If he didn’t feel like interacting with people, he should have told his supervisor and if I were the supervisor, I would have assigned him to galley or toilet duties! Talaga naman!

    1. i would have kept quiet… but felt bad upon learning the same thing happened to my daughter – the kindest soul on earth

  6. That is why i never fly International routes via PAL. I had the same international treatment from Manila to HKG years back. I promised just to give my business away from PAL. besides, theyre not the the only airline that serves my route.
    Never had an issue with CX, Lufthansa, even with the old northwest (god they were terrible but attentive).

  7. dami daming gusto makapasok sa magandang company jan eh d nabbgyan ng chance, sana saken na lang nabigay yan. baka may backer lang yaN KAYA NAKAPASOK

  8. This is not a simple incident. Some may think this is making a mountain out of a molehill but no its not. The point is clear – some people are not right for the job they are in and this is a perfect example. Its about time we name and shame people who are not suited for the jobs they are in especially people who do not have the courtesy or the heart to show a simple act of compassion. Throw this steward from the plane, PAL. Or I will the next time I fly your airline with my kids.

  9. “bago lang kse ako dito, sir.” — is no excuse. that was said by a Cebu Pac ground staff to the passenger before me, waiting in the check-in line (bound to Bangkok). when the passenger was done with his transaction, the arrogant ground staff said to his colleague, “porke’t mag-aabroad, mayabang na, eh dami natin trabaho dito.”

  10. And sana inaapprove mo mga comments.. Masyadong bias.. Gumawa rin kaya ako ng right up against your blogs!

    1. Write up. Not right up. Kung yan palang di mo na magawa ng tama, I don’t think people would be wanting to read your “right up”.

    2. mr hanes… i have no time to approve or disapprove comments. i have no biases… no hidden agenda… my only intention is to share my experience so that others may not fall victim to the same bad service.

    3. Blogs are like journals/diaries, write? He can right anything he wants. Right what you feel like righting but before you do, alamin mo muna ang pinagkaiba ng write at right.

      (Oo bawal magkamali, allwrite?)

      *blog (there is only 1 blog in question.. Blog entries if you really prefer na madami)

  11. Pare (Dennis Garcia), paki-report agad n’yo ‘to in black and white sa kinaukulan ng PAL Management. Ganung klaseng front-liner (flight attendant) di bagay sa isang airline, at nakapagtaka’t tumagal sya sa work kung ganun attitude nya. Dapat masibak agad ganitong klaseng flight attendant. Many thanks.
    Eugene Labadan
    former PAL Corporate Comms. Asst.

  12. poor performance by that steward. However as a person who has ridden on planes several times I always make it a point to pack a jacket on the flight. Same thing also applies to some aircon buses specially at night

  13. Kawawa naman ang author na to. I know black propaganda lang to at hindi authentic. Sayang di mo masisiraan ang PAL no todo effort ka pa.

    1. think what you think, sir. i have no hate for philippine airlines. i have extreme hate for bad service.


    1. We have flown with Singapore Airlines a few times and even my children commented on just how nice and thoughtful the flight attendants are! Maybe give them a go on your next trip.

  15. Mr Dennis Garcia, I can relate to your experience. I too have had bad customer service from PAL flight attendants. For many years I flew with PAL from Sydney to Phils, and have had enough of the arrogance of their flight attendants. Simple requests, like a blanket or a glass of water, seem to be too much trouble! The kindness and hospitable reputation of the Filipino people are damaged by PAL flight attendants. They need a refresher course on customer service…or even just basic manners.
    Oh…and for the sceptics….sharing a bad experience is all that it is, sharing of an ACTUAL EXPERIENCE…just because the topic pertains to a Filipino company does not make it black propaganda.

  16. Shame on you Francis Vinzon! Being service oriented is your job. QUIT now. I always fly PAL hope u will not be w the crew.l

  17. I have experienced similar bad service from old, white, male flight attendants from Delta when I was young and still insisted on dressing casually for a flight. Same thing on one particularly horrendous Air France run from male and female personnel. But my hair grays, I gain weight, I dress a little better..and 2 decades later I don’t get this BS too much on inetrnarional flights. Maybe because they notice the chip on my shoulder that they put there.

    I still get it on PAL on occassion. And I don’t think it’s racist as much as the cacique mentality. People like this flight attendant want the glamor but not the grind. Eh pinagsisilbihan sila, hindi sila ang nagsisilbi. What were you wearing sir? Perhaps this compounded your “offense”. He may have mistaken your shivering persona for a person below his social class.

  18. Philippine airlines suck..they only want to get their customer’s money but they don’t have compassion whatsoever towards their customers…I wouldn’t be surprised if someday PAL will eventually get bankrupt…

  19. Its not only him. I just hate PAL.
    I remember few yrs back when I first flew PAL to Korea I was teenager and trying to put my bag in the over head while this stewardess refused to help coz its too heavy for her and she doesnt lift. I had it in myself.
    I’m sure helping with passenger’s needs and get them settled for the take off is written in their job description.
    I’m sure m not asking for impossible.

  20. I had a similar bad experience from a male flight attendant (in his 40s) several years ago on my PAL Lax-Mnl route. He pointed out to me that my business class seat was “just” an upgrade from economy class when I complained about his rude manners. I never got any response on My written complaint…since then, I never flew PAL on my international flights. Very sad experience….I was humiliated…

  21. I also flew from MLA-LAX. I was asking help from the flight attendant with my carry on. She replied ‘ I’ll try, I’m not sure if I could come back!’ The crew on the U.S. flights are old and lazy. They should retire or go back to training! I didn’t get the name cause they don’t really introduce themselves.

  22. Unfortunately, PAL have many arrogant flight attendants just like Vinzon. It’s a system wide problem. They do not take customer service seriously. This is the reason why PAL has been removed from our list of approved airlines with our company. I’ve been flying ANA and they’re service is great. Even Cathay Pacific offer better options and you don’t have to request a blanket. Too bad. I would’ve liked the direct flight from SFO to Manila.

  23. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. PAL used to be the paragon of great, warm and hospitable customer service. Too bad this isn’t the case anymore. For whatever reason or supposedly pitiful excuse, customer service has deteriorated perceptively right from the ticketing, baggage handling, checking in, in flight and deplaning. We have stopped patronizing PAL because of this reason.

  24. I had my flight earlier… Pr 2993… Ang kakapal tlga ng mga FA akala mo kung sino nakamali lang ako sa seat number ko…its my first time to be insulted hndi man harapan pero the way they did gave me a very low self esteem. Hndi ba sila nag undergo ng training? Nagpaparinig pa ang isang FA na agang-aga etong breakfast (situation) daw nag nakukuha niya., then i said sorry my mistake with the wrong chair i seated. Pati ang accent ko pinatulan ng isang female FA… Then akala nmn ng isang lalaki-bakla nag taas ako ng kilay kaya nagtulong tulongan sila sa likod. Pati background ko tinatanong sa ibang passenger which is very rude and indecent act… At nagpaparinig pa ng malakas sa likod.. Oo i am not perfect but it hurt me alot i dont have any intention na tarayan sila and they knew that sila lang mismo ang nagpapalaki ng maliit na bagay. Sabi pa ng isang MALE? FA baka buhusan nya daw ako ng kape if sya ang magseserve. Panay daan s pwesto ko at nagtataray.. ang libak ng mga FA sa likod at nagpaparining pa with no class and with attitude problem. Big deal na ata sa kanila ng pag taas ko ng kilay lalo na sa baklang walang breding .Akala mo kung sino… Trabaho nila ang protektahan ang client d man sa lahat ng bagay pero sana naman sa maayos na paraan … Been trvelling to PAL almost of my travel i choose you because i trusted your service its my first time to take a first flight and its not worthy they let me feel down almost 2 hours nasa plane then im all alone n they talk about the mistake i did to some of the passenger .. Hindi ba sila tinuruan ng tamang pakikiusap with this kind of situation ? Its their responsibility to provide respect at all cause.,. Im so dismayed with the cabin crew..Those cabin crew bound to manila-zamboanga are disgusting walang manners..

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