Count your blessings – not your problems


(A great read by Shane Snow, co-founder of He writes about technology for WiredFast Company, and Mashable.)

There were people who overcame bad fortune or circumstance to fulfill their dreams.

These people remind us that, despite the things we complain about (setbacks, bills, stress, whatever) and what some consider personal setbacks (growing up relatively poor, being 5’3″ not 6’2″ – as superficial as that sounds, infuriating neuroses, etc.), someone else has had things worse and still became massively successful.

Flawed people and underdogs. They can’t just work hard to overcome their obstacles, they have to work hard and smart. And that leads to amazing things.

None of us are Superman, and that’s ok. Batman had his demons, and he was mortal. And he became awesome. Here are some flawed people and underdogs who should inspire you every day:


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