Stop the jeepney… I need to puke from all the MEDIOCRITY!

What happened?

Years ago, we were taught to excel in whatever endeavor we undertook.

That meant going for the gold… always aiming for a homerun… never settling for anything less than slot No. 1.

These days, this passion for excellence is nowhere to be found.

Sadly replaced by a “puwede na” mentality.

You see it in government: you have lackluster leaders who cannot inspire… and, usually, cannot lead as well.

It’s prevalent in business too: ad agency principals that encourage their young wards to steal ideas for undeserved accolades.

You see it in firms you regularly deal with – like restaurants and utility companies – where service is so bad that repeat business is an alien concept.

The telcos are guilty as well – while they spend an inordinate amount of time adding up their profits, the number of dissatisfied customers multiply.

Our once proud land of passionate Filipinos has been reduced to a pathetic land of mediocrity.










2 thoughts on “Stop the jeepney… I need to puke from all the MEDIOCRITY!”

  1. Here’s more. The PNP is hiring security guards to guard Crame!!!! Either they just don’t trust the police (too), or someone’s pulling a fast one again…

    1. sharp as razor, mr. rico… am sure your suspicions are very close to the truth. thanks you.

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