How to get the best ORIGINAL – not the best COPIED – work from your ad agency


The past few weeks have been scary ones for clients – especially big multinational clients of advertising agencies.

A local ad agency was on Cloud 9 after getting praises from international luminaries and bloggers about a shampoo TV spot that had gone viral for being so “refreshing” and “original”. So elated, the usually-astute client excitedly planned and hyped an international roll-out.

Only problem: netizens began to notice an eerie resemblance of the “refreshing, original” idea with a video material created a few years back.

The two materials had unmistakably, near-identical executional properties:

1. A core visual idea of people “labeling” people

2. Identical music – arranged in almost exactly the same way

The agency kept quiet. For a while.

Hoping the problem will go away.

It didn’t.

Immediately after Christmas, the  ad agency went public asserting that what happened was sheer “coincidence”.

They claimed not being aware of the other material when they were creating theirs.

Original or copycat? The debate rages.

To assuage the fears of most client from being caught in a similar situation, Chubibo took the initiative  of creating a compelling form (original, not copied or stolen) that can guarantee their peace of mind.

Cut along dotted lines… and have your ad agency representatives sign.

you will never be a sucker again

Always remember: plagiarism is bad for your brand, bad for your reputation.

mostly lazy minds resort to this

mostly lazy minds resort to this


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