Poor, poor Mar — nadale! Dad-in-law of Mayor Romualdez is a recording wizard

Technology is a blessing.

A blessing for people who know how to use it. A source of delight for people who know how to manipulate it.

technology is a delight for people who know how to manipulate it
technology is a delight for people who know how to manipulate it

Poor DILG Sec. Mar Roxas… he’s getting brickbats from netizens and the press for something he uttered that was picked up and magnified – out of proportion, out of context.

This happened right after the disastrous Yolanda super typhoon.

Mar went into a meeting with Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez to explain the situation before them… and what should happen next.

In the 42-minute, 55-second long video… we see a typical Mar.

Patient. Logical. Legalistic. Long-winded. Illustrating… clarifying points, every step of the way. Inviting boredom to set in. But sticking to the bottomline: no usurpation of turf, but let’s go through the whole process.

Seated across him, Mayor Romualdez was listening but appeared hesitant to agree on anything… seemingly bent on not giving up authority during this extraordinarily precarious time.

The mayor didn’t want to give in to the apparently simple request of Mar to put everything in black and white – an authorization for the national government to take over the job of overseeing the Yolanda “situation” in Tacloban. Not a letter of resignation from Romualdez.

the mayor was never asked to resign
the mayor was never asked to resign

The video runs out at this point (yes, after 40 minutes or so of discussing and dissecting the same matter). A few seconds later… Mar, probably out of weariness and frustration, must have jokingly blurted out the now ‘immortal’ phrase “you are a Romualdez… the President is an Aquino…” to stress why things cannot be smoother than they should be. Which is quite a fair opinion.

(Mind you, Mar knew cameras were all around the room.)

And Jose Mari Gonzalez, Mayor Romualdez’s dad-in-law (and the man who put up the country’s first state of the art recording facility), gets lucky and conveniently wounds up with a copy of the tape with the controversial phrase… which he cleans up (just 18 seconds of it)… uploads… and gets everyone raving mad – without hearing the first 42 minutes and 55 seconds.

I am no fan of this administration but I feel obliged to use technology myself to COMPLETE the picture. Only fair.

17 thoughts on “Poor, poor Mar — nadale! Dad-in-law of Mayor Romualdez is a recording wizard”

  1. Mar said: “bahala kayo Sa buhay niyo!” This statement really bothers me.. Why should he say this? He knows Tacloban during that time can not stand on its own and it is like telling the LGU that you don’t have a choice!

      1. Ang hirap kasi talaga ano? Mga tao react agad kahit di naiintindihan yung buong sitwasyon.

  2. what more lamenting is a lot of pinoy idiots who some pretend to be smart & intellectual are easily swayed away & patronizing with giggle all these black media propaganda fabricated by the syndicate who are determined to demolish PNoy & Mar leadership in order to preserve the PDAF to maintain their source of wealth & save the people who are involved with it…

  3. I don’t understand why do the government need to legalize or secure a consent that the local government of tacloban can no longer function because they are overwhelmed with the calamity. clearly they cannot function because their resources were all destroyed and the national government should do its best to support and help the province as soon as they saw the severity of the disaster to the city.

    kung ang ibang bansa nagmalasakit agad ng nakita nila sa cnn ang dinanas ng mg tao dahil sa bagyo bakit ang national government kailangan pa ng papel para magbigay ng ful support sa province. no wonder kung bakit nadelay ang relief, ang rescue and all support sa mga tao dahil imbis na ibigay kagad ang nararapat mas inuuna pa ang personal na interest.

    very disappointing na marinig lahat ng interviews na sinisisi ang mga local government dahil di nagprepare. wala sigurong tao na may matinong pagiisip na sinabihan na may darating malaking typhoon na ibabalewala ang threat. Ang problem they prepared but they are not prepared with this kind of disaster. Even the government is not prepared, they don’t have a clear disaster preparedness plan with this kind of disaster. that is why they are overwhelmed with the effect and the magnitude

    in the morning after the typhoon, we all saw kung gaanong kalala ang sitwasyon. as a normal person what will we do? kailangan bang magtanong ng figures kung ilan ang nasalanta, ilan ang namatay eh alam naman na almost 100 percent of the province was devastated. di ba dapat tulong agad ang gagawin? it takes several days bago naimplement ang full plan kaya maraming nagutom, nagkaroon ng looting at panic.

    kung may maayos tayo sana na mga namumuno at expert sa disaster management maybe mas napadaling naparating ang tulong.

    Ano ang gagawin para makarating ang tulong?? the government has all the means to get their resources like heavy equipments, planes and ships that they can acquire whenever they want to mobilize and start the rescue and relief operation but clearly they did not properly do what is supposed to be done. mas marami ang papogi, denials at interviews ang ginawa na nagdedepict sa actual nilang ginagawa. kaya nga even the international media nakita kung gaano tayo kabagal at kung gaano kakulang ang support na ginagawa ng pilipinas.

    what should be done is to first clear the main roads for the rescue and relief operation can start and show the people that the government is here to help, feed the people so that panic can be prevented dahil pag ang tao may pagkain at nakikita ng mga lalaki na may food ang family nila they themselves will feel the urge and responsibility to help the government and the community. so dadami ang workforce mas madali maaachieve ang goals.

    regarding the announcement na hangang end na lang ng dec ang relief. that was so irresponsible and insensitive, sa ganitong kalaking disaster is 1 or 2 months of relief help is enough para magnormalize na ang life ng mga affected people? palagay mo ba ang filipino mas gugustuhin humingi kesa magtrabaho at kumita ng pera? talagang kakaiba ang isip, biro mo sinabayan ang relief operation ng diskwento karavan? san kukuha ng pera ang mga tao para makabili ng pagkain o kailangan nila? pinagtatawanan na lang tayo ng international community, napakadami nga namang nagpadala ng tulong pero itong gobyerno natin imbis na mamigay, nagbebenta (maydiscount naman daw)

    sa relief na pinadala na ibat ibang country di kailangan i imbak sa bodega ng dswd yan dahil yan ay pinadala para sa yolanda victim di yan pinadala para itago at iimback para gamitin sa susunod na magiging disaster.

    to the government maging responsible kayo sa mga aksyons nyo, ihiwalay ang politics sa responsibility nyo bilang government officials. napakadaming tao sa government na talagang makakatulong sa disater preparedness you just need to see their credentials and achievements. check the DOH HEMS team maybe you can find someone that is really qualified sa job di yung nag dudunong dunungan lang.

    take all negative comments and criticisms as constructive we all want a better government that will really after the needs of the filipino people.

  4. Here is a link to a balanced report:

    The problem seems to be that Mar’s statment is being made to appear that the govt WITHELD or DELAYED reLief goods and services if that letter is not provided. Nothing could be further from the truth. At the bottom is a link to a report by Raissa Robles but I copied a portion of it and pasted it immediately following this paragraph to detail the timeline when assistance began and when this meeting with the mayor took place:

    Nov 8, Day 1: Yolanda landfall
    November 9, Day 2, The next day, the AFP sent two C-130 aircraft (the Phils has only 3 C130s) loaded with:
    12,000 pounds of assorted relief goods
    power generators
    a medical team
    a crisis action team.
    November 10, Day 3, AFP flew in to Tacloban the following:
    100 soldiers
    a communication systems
    and the following people – technicians from Smart Communications, three United Nations personnel, 22 foreign medical volunteers of the Mammoth Medical Mission, and one air traffic controller from the Air Traffic Organization.

    Nov, 14, Day 7; The meeting between mar and the mayor was on this day. This article below shows a timeline wherein goods, personnel and services had in fact arrived and were in Tacloban. These airlifts continued. Subsequently, all food and relief goods were turned over to the mayor at his request. If anyone didn’t receive any relief goods or food, please contact the mayor of Tacloban. So the suggestion / implication that goods and services were witheld pending issuance of a letter from the mayor is a falsehood and is dispelled by a record of facts. Why did Mar ask for a letter? because the mayor asked the natl govt to “take over” Tacloban. Actually, they already had “taken over”. But Mar asked for a document which can be shown later to anyone who complains or criticizes the govt of martial law tactics or usurpation of authority because of 2 things 1) Tacloban is ranked as a highly urbanized city (HUC) which gives the mayor of an HUC a lot of autonomy even from the governor. Not even the natl govt can just ‘take over’ and 2) To add seriousness to this issue was the fact that there has been a long history of enmity between the romuladez/marcos cal on one side and the aquinos on the other. This is what Mar finally said to the mayor when the latter questioned the need for such a document. But supplies and services were ongoing, even after that meeting. What I find more despicable than politics is when testimonies, events, words and videos are twisted and manipulated to fool the public and to malign/harm others who had already delivered what had not even been asked of them. Yes, I totally agree, the delivery and reactions of govt in handling the crisis could’ve been better, smarter, wiser, more perfect. Hay nako..in an unimaginable crisis of this magnitude, who among us can predict what we ourselves could’ve, would’ve or should’ve done, or been? But yes, you’re right. It should’ve been perfect. All that can be done, ultimately, is to learn from this, and this goes for BOTH sides and for the rest of us. Right now we need to UNITE as there are people suffering from their grief, loss and lack. On another sad note is my observation, based on blogs and comments, that this deception has already set in and has been bought by so many people whose personal sense of grief and loss from this tragedy is being subverted into a hate campaign against others who have given what they could. Sad. Pathetic. Diabolical. But life moves forward. Let’s focus on the suffering people. To hell with politics.

  5. The link to Raissa Robles’ report is not at the bottom rather at the top. Apolgies for the confusion.

  6. There was no need to present any letter or authorization, what for? That was a clear emergency situation with people dying, hungry, and needed all kinds of help! Romualdez pa lang yan what more if he mentioned the Marcos name!!!

  7. Everything Mar uttered was wrong. There was no need to discuss about legalities and the mention of names..Romualdez and Aquino. What should have been discussed is how to handle the relief operations. And like everyone’s observation, there was no system and/or structure in place to keep things in order. And no matter how you look at it, Mar was defensive and arrogant towards other people during and after the Yolanda disaster. Overall, he didn’t perform as a good leader and, nor, did he inspire as a leader. There was too much politics and that ruined everything.

  8. What is relief means …this is for the people who needed help in times of emergency .. the problem now is how come is ,, Too slow and they let more people suffer .. seems that there social outlook ( Politicking ) is more needed showing that they are the one being patronize knowing them for there service helping the people who have been devastated by the super typhoon Haiyan Yolanda . this is so embarrassing to the eye of suffering humanity.
    service to humanity is service to God ….

  9. The DILG Sec. was there to play politics, he was there 1 day b4 Yolanda struck. The Sec. did nothing for several days. CNN was there 5 days after the typhoon and reported that there’s no gov’t. in Tacloban to help that is why looting is rampant in the city. the tactic of the secretary is to make the mayor sign a document before the gov’t. will come to help. Mar will boast to the president that he can do anything that the president wishes that he is the right man for the job and he’s the right man to be the next president. Its a good thing that the mayor of Tacloban did not fall on the secretary Mar’s tactic’.
    Everything this duo (My Husbands Lover) does is always politics (Pnoy & Mar) I Think this two official should be remove from office and they can go to a country where they can get marry and live as husband and husband legally.

  10. Survivors and foreign media delegates saw the same thing: the government was amiss in their job. Cannot believe the yellows still condone the insensitivity and apathy of the leaders of our land. Shame on you!!! In the NDRRMC rule, if two or more regions are affected by calamity, the national govt should automatically step in. What was mar’s purpose of “putting it on paper” on the transfer of relief operations from LGU to national when the NDRRMC rule has already indicated that the national govt can already step in? Did Mar also said that to other Visayan LGUs where their areas are also devastated by the typhoon??? Come on!!!!! Clearly, it is mar who is politicizing the tragedy.

  11. And oh, one more thing, mar would never ask the mayor to resign directly bec as what you have said, he knew the “cameras are around”.

  12. Yung request ni mar for that letter from the mayor was in behalf of the NDRRMC because 1) before the govt can “take over” a city like tacloban, the national code requires a written board resolution from the city council. Walang quorum daw sabi ni mayor kasi daw nasalanta ng bagyo ang mga konsehal. The report later came out that some or most of them left for manila before yolanda arrived, kaya walng quorum. So sabi ni mar ok lang, simpleng letter nalang, authorizing the govt to “take over” tacloban as per mayor’s request. Advice ng lawyer ni mayor: huwag mong bigay yung letter kasi parang pinag-reresign ka na niyan. Out of frustration, sinabi ni mar yung “You must remember, you’re a romualdez and…” At nung ayaw pa rin nu mayor dun sa request ni mar, napikon si mar (at nasabi yung “Bahala kayo sa buhay niyo) kasi, test na rin ni mar yung letter kay mayor, if he will act in good faith, By refusing that simple request, the mayor put his political survival ABOVE the interests of tacloban. Kung mali man sa pananaw ninyo yung salita ni mar, whether or not sinabi niya yun out of emotion or pressure, take note: Salita lang yun. Judge people NOT by what they say but by what they DO. Pinalabas noon ni mayor na si mar hinostage yung relief goods kung walang letter. Not true. Mula nung Nov 9 dumating yung relief goods at dinistribute ito ng walang humpay before, duirng and after the meeting with the mayor which happened on nov 11. Right after the meeting, sa isang live interview with Solar News (I was watching with my wife), mayor accused mar of asking him to resign. Less than an hour later also on Solar News, ininterview yung city administrator ng tacloban, si atty. tecson lim, in-ask siya, totoo daw bang pinag-reresign ni mar si mayor? Take note, atty lim was present at that meeting, “No, sec. roxas did not ask the mayor to resign. In fact, (sec.) mar has bent over backwards to help”. And that’s why the mayor’s accusation against mar didn’t take off, because his own city administrator invalidated it. Because it really wasn’t true. Question: Why did the mayor really turn down the letter? Relife goods were turned over to romualdez. Police and military took over as he requested but until now no such letter was ever furnished as requested by mar which PROVES THE ACCUSATIONS AS FALSE. Why did he accuse mar of something false? Because he wanted, no, he needed to give the public a distraction. From what? The following are facts. The mayor was on vacation in the north and was supervising typhoon preparations and evacuation VIA CELPHONE. Did you get that? When did he arrive in tacloban? MAYOR ROMUALDEZ ARRIVED IN TACLOBAN ONE AND A HALF DAYS BEFORE YOLANDA LEVELLED IT TO THE GROUND. And according to reports and witnesses, one of the things he did in less than 2 days was to inspect his newly-built house beside his beach resort. Alam naman natin sa probinsya, pag nakita mismo si mayor nandun pa sa tabing dagat ininspeksyon yung bago niyang bahay, less than 24 hrs bago humagupit ang isang Category-5 typhoon, aba e hindi na aalis yung mga yon. Kasi nandun si mayor e, so hindi siguro ganun kapanganib no? It was a miracle his whole family survived. 2 weeks after yolanda I was at a private birthday dinner and among the guests was a married couple, a german citizen and filipina. The filipina is strong and intelligent. They were among those who managed to fly out to manila on the first C130 out. They lived in tacloban mismo and nearly died in the 22-foott seawater that drowned the city but hung on to the roofbeams of their house. When asked about the door-to-door evacuation efforts, they stared and said “what door-to-door evacuation”? They said that they were told to evacuate but if they didn’t, bahala sila (they’re on their own). Germans are straightforward, no nonsense people. On youtube, the mayor was interviewed post-yolanda saying that they didn’t expect yolanda to be that strong, it was even sunny a day or two before the storm”, something like that. You can view it and a lot of other facts on raissa robles’ in-depth report on haiyan. But here the mayor admitted that he didn’t really tajke the storm seriously unlike 2 of his neighboring provinces. I forget the names of the places but it’s a verifiable fact that the officials 1) didn’t go on vacation and 2) they took yolanda dead serious so they evacuated everyoen to high ground and arrested anyone who refused on charges of “attempted suicide”, a ploy to justify moving everyone safely to higher ground because govt and private websites all warned of storm surges up to 9 meters more or less. So in one province there was one (1) casualty and in another there was ZERO. The mayor of tacloban HAD to shift public attention to SOMETHING and the most available target was mar roxas. The alternative was to ADMIT his shortcoming of NOT TAKING YOLANDA SERIOUSLY ENOUGH. And he COULDN’T Do that, right? Would you? Let’s be honest. Very few of you can say yes to that, and mayor romualdez has had a very, very good life. If the mayor were not rich, had a history of a hard life, then I’d say he possibly night have had the humility, courage or character to have admitted he was culpable for the deaths of thousands. Think of it. That is a very fearful thing to face. VERY FEW MEN AND WOMEN WILL HAVE THE STRENGTH TO ADMIT THAT. And as pointed out, the mayor has had a soft life. So his first attempt to put mar in trouble fizzled out but the mayor tried again 30 days later at the congressional oversight hearing. That was where he accused mar of “asking for that letter instead of helping” despite the fact that the relief ops were underway before and after his meeting with mar nov 11. He broke down in tears at a time when the entire nation was in tears. Ako, akala ko nga ubos na ang mga luha ko, tapos may mapapanood na naman akong bagong video pinapakita ang mga bangkay ng mga nasalanta, mga musmos, at ayun, iiyak na naman ako ng walang pigil. Hanggang ngayon, promise. Nung umiyak si mayor sa congresional hearing na yun, siya, nung mga araw na yun ang naging mukha ng kaawaawang tacloban. Habanh=g si mar ang naging symbolo ng ating kinamumuhian. lalo na after in-upload nila mayor yung 18-second video ni mar, boom! Yung naipong high intensity emotions ng bansang pilipinong nagluluksa at umiiyak, ay parang nakahanap ng realease valve at binuhos na parang kumukulong acido at pinagbuntungan natin ng poot at tighati ay yung scapegoat ni mayor: mar roxas. Kaya nung tinangka niyang magpaliwanag sa pangyayari, ang sinigaw natin ay “STOP THE BAKME GAME! FOCUS ON RELIEF OPERATIONS! Wala nang magawa si mar kundi yung bagay na hindi pa niya hinihinto, yung trabaho niya. Nabas ko sa itaas ang comment na dapat daw nag-clearing ng mga roads immediately after yolanda. If you had researched muna before commenting, and listened to allthe reports malalaman mo na nilunod ang lahat ng vehicles sa tacloban. Walang natirang umaandar, cars, trucks, etc. Pag ang engine ng sasakyan ay pinasukan ng sea water, hindi mo magagamit yan agad-agad. One comment said mar did nothing for several days. Wasn’t it stated already that 2 C130 planes arrived in Tacloban carrying among others 12,000 lbs (1 ton) of relief goods? And despite the obvious physical difficulty these goods were distributed as best as possible and eventually turned over to mayor romualdez at HIS request. CNN was there and in their one-dimensional point of view observed that there was no presence. Where? Where they were located. Point of view. There were very FEW or NO vehicles available in tacloban. The road networks were buried under debris that could only be moved by bulldozers and the ones that were there were either carried out to sea or destroyed. There was a govt presence there but they like everyone else had no choice but to WALK through the devastation so excuse me but just because it’s CNN doesn’t mean they’re perfect. They compared us to Japan? That in Fukushima, the military was on the ground in 24 hours. Didn’t anyone tell CNN THERE IS NO COMPARISON BETWEEN JAPAN AND THE PHILS in terms of AVAILABLE RESOURCES. When he heard that the govt managed to land 2 C130’s in tacloban Nov 9 the next day after Yoanda hit, Romualdez’ lawyer ranted on social media why were there only 2 C130’s sent?? Because the govt only has 3 C130’s and the other one was elsewhere. And how are we to deliver relief goods in ares where vehicles and aircraft cannot go to or land? That’s why we had to get help from the US who had VTOL aircraft (vertical takeoff and landing) which can hiver and drop relief goods to people but that took time because unlike fukushima, our communications network in central visayas, mobile, internet and landlines, were wiped out during those fateful days. Until today there is no internet in tacloban, so we couldn’t pass information as to where those people were so we could save time and deliver relief goods in a timely way. Bottomline, the irony is that the mayor is guilty not only of what he accused mar roxas of, which was politicking, but he manipulated information to cover up his negligence. Why is then that tacloban suffered the hughest deaths? The guilt he experienced and is possibly still be experiencing, must have been soul-excruciating. I’m sure he’s a good man in his way. Certainly a man of resources and intelligence. But when you’re caught in your mistake and the price for that mistake is exceedingly high, what are your advisors going to tell you? To be humble and brave and admit your mistake? What actions did the mayor take? Sadly, it seems that the mayor’s tactic has succeeded. We all believe that he’s a some kind of hero and that mar is to blame. If we believe that, then all of us, incluidng mar, are among the victims but not of yolanda but of a man-made calamity, the objective was to manipulate the media in order to present a version of the truth that would ensure a one -sided political survival.

  13. At the press conference during the forum, Lacson said Romualdez’s action was an example of “hijacking rehabilitation efforts.”

    The former Senator said Romualdez had earlier asked him to help secure the release of Tacloban’s Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA).

    Lacson said he was able to do this, but Romualdez requested for the funds to be realigned because he wanted the city hall and the public market to be transferred to another site.

    “If that was the intention, he could have refused the downloaded funds and instead coordinated with the Department of Public Works and Highways because DPWH is in charge of constructing totally damaged government centers,” he said.

    Public Works Secretary Rogelio “Babes” Singson, who was present at the event, said his agency was tasked to implement the construction of new government structures in the typhoon-affected areas because of the need to standardize based on an “upgraded the design.”

    “The DPWH will be the one to implement, not the LGU,” he said, explaining that only funds for repair are given to the local government unit.

    Lacson said he was informed by Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II that P230.7 million was alloted to Tacloban City for the repair of the city hall and the public market and that P184.6 million or 80 percent of the said amount had been sent to the city government, upon the request of Romualdez.

    “The other LGUs have already completed the repairs of the government centers. I don’t know about Tacloban. Because he’s asking the funds to be realigned, I suppose he has not yet started,” Lacson explained.

    He said they will soon check what happened to the funds.

    The city government received a total of P6.1 billion from government agencies for projects, programs and activities for resettlement infrastructure and livelihood of the typhoon survivors, as opposed to Romualdez’s claims to media that they received nothing from the national government, Lacson said.

    He said Romualdez’s attitude was unlike those of other mayors who “despite being leaders of the political opposition, allies, but not in the inner circle, were able to undertake significant accomplishments.”

    During his speech, Lacson implied that the Romualdez family had been supporting anti-government protesters in Tacloban City.
    “We even discovered anti-government protesters and rallyists being carried to and from mass action sites using a truck bus garaged in the property of the Romualdez compound in Barangay 62-A in Tacloban City,” he said.

    “Just two days ago, while commemorating the first anniversary of Yolanda, anti-government placards were seen stocked at the back of the city hall of Tacloban,” he added.

    Asked why he was only revealing such information now, Lacson said, “We’ve been holding our punches all this time. Somehow you will reach your elastic limit.”

    Originally posted at 10:09 am | Monday, November 10, 2014

    Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/649828/lacson-blasts-romualdez-for-taclobans-below-par-yolanda-rehab#ixzz3IeSmrIEY
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