If I Were President…

Being one of his "bosses", I don't think it's out of line to give some advice
Being one of his “bosses”, I don’t think it’s out of line to give some advice

Nobody asked me but since all of us are supposed to be bosses of PNoy, here are ten things I would immediately do – if I were him – to dramatically endear myself to all Filipinos and to make the final years of my presidency unforgettable.

1. I would stop the fingerpointing… I would start taking the blame. The supertyphoon was an appropriate opportunity to display leadership tempered by humility. Instead of blaming the LGUs for the disaster, I would have said, “I’m sorry… it was nobody’s fault… we greatly underestimated the power and damage that Yolanda would bring. With our collective sadness and grief comes the chance to rise again. We will move on… much wiser, more prepared for the changing temperament of nature…”


2. I would end the color-coding. I am the President of all Filipinos. Not the President of a few who helped put me in office. Time to keep my yellow ribbon in my drawer – and, perhaps, pin it again (in honor of my mom and dad) when I am an ordinary citizen once more.

Yellow is one of the colors of our flag. Not the only color.
Yellow is one of the colors of our flag. Not the only color.

3. I would put a cap on the number of casinos that will operate in the country. Gambling is evil – no matter how much the activity contributes to the economy. Gambling is an addiction… that leads to broken homes… broken dreams… and, depression and desperation. And plans to reclaim Manila Bay, just to put up even more casinos, can be deadly – as proven by the storm surge we recently experienced.


4. I would mandate a lifestyle check on all government officials – every month. Anyone who fails must be terminated (and investigated) immediately.


5. I would show some spine. I will take every opportunity to act based on gutfeel, especially on very important matters instead of forming yet another task force. Or asking my people to study a project or assess it “to death” or have reactions to it “surveyed”.


6. I would staff my communications group with people who have “hearts”… intelligent beings who have a high standard of ‘humanity’. Only caring individuals who have a pulse of what the Filipino people really “want” and “feel”… not digital magicians who rely on modern technology, the latest mind-shaping trends, and “clever” counter-offensive ideas.


7. I would appoint people who are even better than me. People know I’m no Einstein. But they also know that I am amazingly honest. So great intellect plus exceptional moral grounding would make an unbeatable combination.

I am no Einstein
I am no Einstein

8. I would lose the swag. I will not lose my cool. I keep proclaiming that the citizens are my “bosses”, but arrogance sometimes clouds my speech which makes me sound rude to my amos. Remember “but you didn’t die, did you”?

9. I would get rid of as many KKK (kaklase, kaibigan, kabarilan) as possible. Most of them may mean well… but while they’re around, suspicions of hanky-panky will prevail putting humps to my presidency.

10. I would start to do the one thing people expect of me: to INSPIRE.



My list looks uncomplicated and do-able. The question now is whether the intended “doer” is even interested in looking at any of the items on the list.

12 thoughts on “If I Were President…”

    1. Oh he’s listening alright. He has a battery of personnel and offices dedicated to this sort of publications. He just chose not to listen or turns a deaf ear, or better yet in lay man’s term “DEDMA”!

  1. I see arrogance within our president…. asan na ung saying “filipinos are worth dying for” or ” filipinos are worth living for”… parang iba ung sa kanya… What happened to the past is past. Stop thinking your the greatest of all. Dont think you won because your smart. You won because of sympathy. because your mother died thats all. You dont know how filipino live. coz your were brought in a rich house. It like your a president with a great wall of china around you blocking u filipinos. I remember the speech you are saying OFW are coming home already. They are coming home because they are retiring, because one of their sons/duaghters is the next in line for OFW. It is like a cycle of OFW life. He doesnt see the reality.

  2. these are good to do’s…actually many presidents have done some, some a few, not all can do it though,…vindictive and vengeance is a bad word….if that’s in the back of the mind of the aquinos, we cannot go forward.
    hope he can read your suggestions and be humble enough to change his attitude. he has only a few years to go and he is building up his next candidate im sure. AND ITS MAR ROXAS.

  3. Mahirap lang dito is dadami yung kaaway mo since alam naman natin, people (especially those with power) like to bring other people down, people like you na gumagawa ng tama.

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