Oh, oh… after Peque Gallaga – another destabilizer?

Why I Would Yell If You Told Me to “Stop criticizing Aquino at tumulong ka nalang.” – Bianca Banters

There is something inherently wrong in the statement “Stop criticizing Aquino. Tumulong ka nalang.”
1. BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE: To criticize and to help are not mutually exclusive actions.
“Oh I think Aquino was immature for walking out of a disaster meeting. That totally means I never donated nor helped. Totally.”
Point clear, I expect.
2. In fact, most of those who criticize are the ones who have first-handedly witnessed our government’s inefficiency: those who helped out and those who have watched how arrogantly our Yellow Administration has responded to global media. Their words are just as much testaments of reality as they are criticisms. Popular case in point: Anderson Cooper.
3.  If now is the worst time to criticize, then when should we? When all relief aids are done and international tension finally subsides? When the party would celebrate the success of post-calamity restoration and the Napoles issue would be back on headlines? When we’ve all forgotten about how much of a fool Aquino made out of himself in front of Amanpour? Did you even notice the disgust on Amanpour’s face?
PNOY has released a statement requesting media to do away with depressing broadcasts and in turn, replace it with those that would uplift Filipino spirits. Indeed, an encouraging and optimistic disposition is imperative. But how on Earth does that mean we should let all those crucial mistakes off the hook?
4. The very people who bitch about government criticism should be held equally responsible for the disappointing state of services rendered. Suppress the truth and the same tragedy shall repeat. Do away with criticism and our honorable chairman probably wouldn’t even know he did anything wrong. And people would vote for him again. And the same sub-par level of aid would persist during the exponentially increasing calamity devastations in our country.
In this tragic state of calamity, I bet even a demon would mean well. Everyone has good intentions, but what sets a president apart from most people is their ability to translate their good intentions into efficient services.
               A. I would like to raise the question, “What is government responsibility?”
Government responsibility is the duty to administer a nation by the provision of aid, services and security that cannot be done by other sectors, in exchange of our taxes and adherence to the law. Let us put a hefty emphasis on the word RESPONSIBILITY: An imperative, a job, a duty. Failure to deliver efficient services is failure as an efficient government. And an inefficient government is one deserving to be criticized.
Commending the government for their relief aid is just as pathetic as congratulating a student for passing a C/D worthy paper. What kind of fluke honor does a minimum requirement service delivery deserve? Again, RESPONSI-EFFING-BILITY.Did you forget how much revenues government collects? Income tax? Value added tax? EXTRA value added tax? SIN Tax? And those are only the ones we are aware of. Where are the funds? Where are the boats you could have bought from the funds? Where are the food you could have afforded during the first few days?

OH WAIT, YOU POCKETED IT. Poor Leyte Taxpayers starved to death without feeling their taxes.
Nevertheless, whether or not there is corruption is beside the point. What took you an eternity to extend aid? I remember during the first few days, you clearly pointed fingers at the Local Government Units.
Wait a minute Aquino. Didn’t you know that this would be the worst typhoon in Philippine history?
Did you forget that LGU’S ARE THE ARMS OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT TO FACILITATE EFFICIENT ADMINISTRATION IN FAR AREAS? You don’t leave sole blame and responsibility on Local Government Units especially when THEY ARE IN THE CALAMITY AREA, ALSO SWEPT BY FLOOD, ALSO STARVING, ALSO HAVING THEIR UNITS WASHED AWAY. Leyte’s bureaucrats DIED in the flood. And yet those at fault are still the LGUs? This is where your excuse for a central government should step in. But instead of stepping in, YOU WALKED OUT FROM A DISASTER MEETING.
Clap, clap, clap.
So again, why were you in a state of panic, PNOY? Is it because you weren’t prepared enough, like the helpless LGU’s who happen to be, unlike you, stuck in the affected areas? Why? Or because you were too busy sorting out your Napoles blunders? Or mending ties with the Chinese community? Indeed, you are a busy man attending to numerous National concerns, such as the Chinese aggression and Napoles to name a few. But did you forget how BIG government is? Department of Interior and Local Government (Thank you Mar Roxas for your outstanding CNN self-shaming) Bureau of Internal Revenue. Department of Foreign Affairs. Department of this. Department of that. Calamity fund. This fund. That fund. Every possible issue and concern has a corresponding institution to cater. Being busy is not an excuse. “His job is hard” is not an excuse either.
Do you remember the electoral process? Did you ever think about why electoral debates even go on? It is because we, as well as anyone who has the guts to run for office, should know how critical of a duty it is to administer a country.REMEMBER: Public Office is Public Trust. It’s not “Public Office is Public Theft coupled with Tedious Services Rendered.” But then again, I digress. Corruption is beside the point.

I concede, it is a difficult job. BUT YOU SIGNED UP FOR IT. You hold our taxes, you get free lodging in a giant white palace and the least you could do is NOT WALK OUT during a calamity meeting.
I concede, as well, that it was tremendously difficult to extend aid in a faraway communication-disabled island. Maybe if you apologized for the tediousness and stopped being so arrogant about it, criticisms wouldn’t arrive left and right.

26 thoughts on “Oh, oh… after Peque Gallaga – another destabilizer?”

  1. I see about over 4 dozens people behind President AQUINO but only one–just him alone–distributing to victims one by one with cameras waiting at a time. Why can’t all the 4 dozen people behind him distribute to the victims en masse? That would be faster diba? The US Marines and foreign militaries do that, not their commanding generals. Mas mabilis so it will reach more Haiyan victims. My humble suggestion coz I want him to succeed.

  2. I, too, blew my top when I first saw from a friend’s post a somewhat tattered Philippine flag with the words ‘Shhh,..tumulong ka na lg’… I knew right then it was probably being circulated by Pnoy’s supporters who play deaf and blind to his incompetence because his father happen to be Ninoy and his mother, Cory Aquino…When I saw Bianca Banter’s rant, I thought to myself, wow, I could not have said it any better :)…hats off to you Bianca and to the all the people who share your views…Let’s continue and be vigilant and critical as well for the good of our nation…

  3. i am one of the first who criticised him and his team on twitter and i know they DESERVES IT…on the 3rd day im tweeting to air drop the relief ( like in the movie world war z) to the places that are not yet accessible at that moment … but to my disgust that it took 7 days before they did. well it shows that our government are not yet ready and will never be as ready as other country in a situation like this.

  4. I don’t think he has the genuine intention to help the victims of this tragedy… He’s fake as he can be… His cabinet always run to his rescue like robots….

  5. being a third world country is not an excuse as well. i just read an open letter by a certain pinoy businessman criticizing CNN’s demeaning tone whenever they spoke about the inefficiency of phil govt during immediate rescue and relief. the businessman said CNN can’t compare govt relief efforts in the phils to US or Japan bec phils is a third world country. like, how stupid is that? precisely why we’re third world is because idiots like this businessman allow this country to remain third world–by electing and defending his fellow idiots in the govt!

  6. Incompetent in congress. Incompetent in senate.
    Naturally, incompetent as a president.
    He’s lucky majority of us Filipinos are stupid. (Or kept stupid)

  7. Our leaders reflects who most of who we are. My observation is that, this shhh people are lost, not even focused on issue and are just blind followers of their individual leaders. Either because they grown fanatic of him, or benefited from him or just going with the stream. And tell you this they are like zombies, the type that would walk up dumb the streets and having only one thing in mind. They would not even dare separate themselves from a political figure or party and be the citizen they are attached to the people. They offer no solution, no attachment to civil and national interest, no sense of obligation as citizens ans lack of nationalism. For them they only exist in wonderland with these idolized individuals. Knowing is understanding and they are quite pittyfull because they are just like that.

  8. I think the reliefs came late because the government was still waiting for the goods and money coming from other countries. Maybe Pinoy doesn’t want to touch his DAP fund for the typhoon victims and saving the money for political purposes, like bribing his supporters to always say “amen” to him. Many people who helped in the repacking are attesting to the truth that packed goods from abroad are being repacked in bags with printed Government Agencies’ logos. Even replacing the imported stuffs with the local ones that are cheaper. With the millon dollars of aid the government is receiving, apart from the one coming from the private sectors, that would be more than enough to feed and help the typhoon victims get back on their feet, unless these government officials will not pocket some of the money.

  9. More, and worse, calamities ahead, so expect more and bigger boo-boos from the Administration/Govt. And widening of the gap between the “feeling entitled Yellows” and us “just plain fellows”.

  10. Well said Bianca. I guess Filipinos should be more vigilant. Record all the relief goods and money that are coming in from international organizations and other countries. Based on the previously published accounting of money coming from all over the world, these should be enough to rebuild Tacloban thru housing projects for the poor people affected. And my advice to those administering the relief goods, please distribute all and stop politicizing. This is a calamity and not a campaign for the next election.

  11. I posted that ssshhh campaign, too. But it was not really for others to ssshhh. It was for me. I am getting tired of ranting because these are all of naught. I am just getting a high blood pressure. haay… My only question is, when will this admin end?

  12. The callousness displayed by BS Aquino walking out of that meeting and his arrogance, again, in dismissing a police officer who supplied a number of casualties that did not ring ring well for the ears of BS Aquino are just two traits of his that need to be probed on in better detail. Why the display of superiority in times like these? Why the arrogance? Why not some empathy and patience?

    1. It’s really very unbecoming for a President to walk out in a meeting especially when there is an important issue that needs his attention. He should be neutral and weigh things out. As President, he should be calm, think before doing unwanted actions like walking out in a meeting or scolding the police force who is just reporting based on what he observed. It’s really very frustrating that the Philippines still lacking of good governance. Please people, in the next election, tried to vote for those who are well deserve to be elected. If possible, not to vote family or relatives of current politicians or govt administrators who tried to passes their legacy for corruption. It’s becoming a dynasty pinning down the country to poverty.

  13. We have to keep on bugging the President so that he will become more responsible to the position he holds on. I feel he us not serious about his responsibilities that us why all this are happening. Let ‘s not agree to his being irresponsible President , if he cannot do it then please step down…..

  14. I am sorry for Pinoy because he came after other disastrous presidents. I do not totally agree with Bianca Banters because those seated in the government has been sitting there for half a century.

    1. That’s childish to blame others for your failure! He, himself is a disaster! Observe his reaction and his behaviour. The likes of you is what is wrong in this country and you are part of the problem! Pnoy applied and got the job. HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DELIVER! NO DARN EXCUSES! REmember, he had also been a congressman and senator so he has also been sitting in the govt for a LONG TIME! REasoning like yours makes my blood boil bec I realize we get the kind of stupid and inefficient service for the kind of voters and people LIKE YOU! If only more of us are DEMANDING for a HIGHER BAR SERVICE (we deserve it bec we are paying our taxes) THEN WE WON”T BE WHERE WE ARE NOW AS A COUNTRY! We WON”T BE ROTTEN AND THIRD WORLD! If you want to be FIRST WORLD, DEMAND FOR FIRST CLASS SERVICE! It’s is supposed to be COMMON SENSE!

    2. hello! his family has held the top positions in government longer than GMA & for more than half of Marcos’ term.. not sure how he can’t be held accountable.. if the kitchen’s too hot, get out of the kitchen… eh hindi eh, parang gustong gusto naman ng pamilya niya na naka pwesto sila….

  15. The Yellow Administration has a very DEFINITIVE color. YELLOW- turns around and walks away at the very stench of TROUBLE and FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO BLAME FOR IT!!! PATHETIC!!! We’re better of fending for ourselves than cowering in fear of their shadow! PHOTO OPS SHOW-OFF OLIGARCHS!!!

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