Why I’m missing the damn series, bitch!

breakingHappened once, happened twice or three more times.

I’ve been hugely disappointed by some TV series that start with a bang… and end up really lame.

Think Prison Break. Lost. And perhaps, The Crazy Ones?

But I’m enamored… no… addicted to one show that has blanketed me with mild depression since it ended.

I’m talking of Breaking Bad.

Yes, the same show that made a fan of people who normally don’t become fans of TV drama.

Like Jeffrey Katzenberg. And Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Like a diligent chemistry student, I made a go of breaking down the components that make/made Breaking Bad more addictive than the crystal blue product that the show was centered on.

Breaking Bad is a morality play disguised as a badass weekly series.

It teaches us valuable lessons about life…

1. Family is everything.


2. Bacon and eggs bring immeasurable joy to breakfast.


3. Money can’t buy you love… but it can build you the best meth lab that money can buy.


4. In-laws are not really as bad as they seem.


5. Heated bathroom floors are the best way to a mistress’ heart.

6. When angry… you’ll immediately feel better if you end your every sentence with “bitch”.

yo B

7. Idiots who trip on a rug can become paralyzed.

8. You must always wear nice underwear when you leave the house.


9. No matter how big a gangster you are, you’ll still grow old… and helpless.


10. There is ALWAYS a place in your house where you can stash a huge amount of money.


11. Lawyers will cheat and lie for you.


12. Money can buy you a totally new life… and identity.


13. All good things must end.


Missing you much, bitch!

1 thought on “Why I’m missing the damn series, bitch!”

  1. You’re right, surely missed. Mayroon pa nga daw burial si Walter white gagawin mga fans dito sa US. AMC always have good series, glad walking dead will be back as a replacement, Zombies

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