Napoles Daughter Celebrates 21st Birthday!

The rich are different.

No birthday parties at Jollibee or McDo.

Watch and… enjoy… and learn how to party when you become rich too.




46 thoughts on “Napoles Daughter Celebrates 21st Birthday!”

  1. I beg to disagree. They are not rich. They just used the money of the govt. That is not rich. Rich is when you worked and earned it.

  2. I hate how people like her just think about herself. She so selfish may it be true or not di pa ba obvious Kung saan nakukuha Ang pera

  3. I think instead of wasting the your time rallying in the Chinese embassies, why not at their parties 🙂

  4. Okay sana kung ginamit niya yung pera para sa mga charities o makabuluhang advocacies para sa marginalized sectors, pero this extravagance is adding salt to the wound. Nanakawan ang taong bayan so she can afford Louis Vitton, watch movies at Hollywood, rub shoulders with the stars and have a tacky fashion show/birthday party like this.

  5. no problem celebrating a huge n bongacious party as long as its a clean money but knowing how their parents or her moms earned their money n supported their children much more spending so much dollars in this occasion! ? shame on u! .mmag reflect naman kau

  6. I’m working for one of the richest here in Italy but not as lavish as this one. The only people who do these stuffs are the ones who doesn’t find it hard to earn money. Picking money from trees as they say.

  7. pag yung mga ordinaryong tao lang ang nagnakaw dahil walang makain. eh kulong agad. pero pag ang pulitiko o kaibigan ng pulitiko o mataas ang posisyon sa gobyerno malabong makulong. ganyan ang batas natin . hindi pantay. we will see walang mangyayari…

  8. Didn’t bother to finish the video. I feel so sorry for our fellow countrymen who live on less than P40 a day.

  9. That’s not how rich people celebrate parties… but it’s a perfect “hollywood style” example of how heads of criminal syndicates spend their loot.

  10. What I’m wondering is that does Jeane ever know where her parents got the money? If no, then I wonder how will she feel and what will she do if she found out?

    But if yes and she deliberately did it with her parents, I’m guessing she can be arrested as well, now that she’s 21 (so I’m guessing the good thing about this video is that it shows she can now be, well, arrested. Nyahahahahahaha! XD).

  11. After all the lavished partying here, Satan has a special suite for them in hell. Then let them party all they want… forever !!!!

  12. who are way to judge them? Like the Pope says, right? BUT AM PRETTY SURE THEIR DIGNITY IS BEING CRASHED NOW WITH TREMENDOUS NEGATIVE FEEDBACKS. Plus their souls are now being rip apart in hell. That`s what am sure of.

  13. hmmm…is she to blame? the baby gir? or the one who greeted her???but then now that she’s legal, she is liable!

    but let’s see what happens here eh…everyone’s washing their hands…everyone’s pork barrel is legal…so where did all that money come from?

    i hope with people like these, if true – government can do something…by hook or by crook!

  14. Pardon this view. If there is public wealth amassed, it must have passed all legal constraints in a way that will both benefit the politicians (if true) and the person doing business with them. Also, such public wealth must have been cumulative, piecemeal and each time a fund is released, again, it must have passed every kind of legal constraint.

    It probably takes a ‘king’ or ‘queen’ to have allowed this accumulation of wealth in a pair of private hands and that alone is no strange happenstance. Dominant businesses for example in flagship or big ticket projects are actually lorded over by names you can count by your fingers.

    DBM must be made to explain but problem is, where is the starting point of the investigation in a scheme where politicians only identify the projects and the bureaucrats (appointed) execute them? We might find ourselves in a legal rigmarole.

  15. Pardon me, pero hindi ko kilala ang Napoles family,either in politics or in business community.Sino ba ang mga ito. Taga saan at anong position sa gov’t ang parents niya.o anong negosyo nila.nagtatanong lang.

  16. Her parents should be ashame of themselves. Nakakahiya hindi naman sa kanila yun perang ginagastos nila…. yakes!!!! ANG KAKAPAL NINYO!!!!

    1. Tayo ang nahihiya. Yung mga culprits na Napoles et al and culprit politicians, di yan marunong mahiya. Ang diyos nila ay pera. Ang kakapal ng mga yan. Kakapitan na sila ng talaba sa kakapalan nila.

  17. May have mercy on the Philippines; but justice must be served against the corrupt government officials who, instead of serving the countrymen, they steal from them. What a shame.

  18. Let us look at it this way. Thank you Jeanne for flaunting your family’s wealth. We all know what effect it has had. God works in mysterious ways.

  19. If the government does nothing and falls short in persecuting not just Napoles but those lawmakers involved in the abuse of our taxpayers then, sadly, we deserve her.

  20. kapal ng mukha ninyo. Ngayong alam na ng mga kaibigan mo sa US kung saan galing kayamanan ninyo ano kaya ang sinasabi nila ngayon.

  21. PARTE PARTE parte parte tayo sa pork pag may time. Happy Birthday to you ewan ko lang kung nakakalabas ka pa sa bahay mo kapal ng pamilya ninyo.

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