Why Jamby, Grace, Hagedorn, Casino, Alan, Chiz, and Koko have my vote.

One week in the hospital sucks.


Missing Aerosmith perform sucks even more.

The only saving grace: in between being injected, pricked, IV-handcuffed, you have plenty of time to absorb and digest the whole Pinoy election scenario… and really analyze the men and women seducing you for your vote.

In my freezing room, I managed to stitch together a list of senatoriables I will vote.

  1. Jamby Madrigal. Never quite taken seriously during the campaign – blame it on her caricature-like persona (super rich girl fighting corruption) – Jamby is a genuinely kind person. Her heart bleeds for the poor and I’ve heard of lots of instances where her generosity was truly “over”.  Way over. I will vote for her because her advocacies are genuine, “do-able” and within her competencies. She wants free lunch for all elementary school kids. Books… millions of them, still for school kids. The author of the Tubbataha Reef Act, Jamby wants similar protection for more of our natural riches. Another advocacy that’s admirable – her ruthless desire to take out the red tape which would allow orphans to start new lives with new families without the long, long wait.
  2. Grace Poe. It’s about time that we really had a “nanay” in the Senate. One who has very little political ambitions but is sincerely interested in the welfare of the Filipino family. And the fact that she is bright and articulate is not a bad bonus at all.
  3. Edward Hagedorn. Hagedorn is a Duterte – a refined version. He has placed Puerto Princesa on the map with the city’s enviable record of peace and order. And breakthrough tourism numbers. A former jueteng lord who has found the “right path”, it would be a waste if Senate fails to learn a stunning insight or two from this colorful character.
  4. Teddy Casino. We need a dissenting voice in the Senate. An honest one. Teddy Casino’s.  One anecdote was enough for me to be convinced: while a congressman, Casino  took up the hobby of photography to supplement his meager income. He saved enough to put together “good-enough” gear. However, sometimes life gets really unforgiving, he needed additional cash for his son’s tuition. He sold his equipment and bade photography goodbye. Forever.
  5. Alan Peter Cayetano. I like Alan because he is so unlike other candidates who promise the moon, the stars and everything in between – free education, lower prices, food for the dining table, free jobs, etc. What Alan does is explain – explain why we’re currently suffering and what needs to be addressed. Simple. (Simple is hard.)
  6. Chiz Escudero. Hard not to admire a man whose love for a woman prevails over all the surveys in the world. Being No. 1 is not everything.
  7. Koko Pimentel. Nothing but admiration for a man who will have nothing to do with men who have wronged him. He will be an asset to the Senate.

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