What I will miss most about Halalan 2013

Some are heaving a sigh of relief.

Some have started fishing out their “green cards” from aparadors to get ready for “the getaway”.

Some are losing the little hair they have while computing their losses.

Me? My life will be little changed but I’m sure gonna miss the “circus”.

May 13 is so close… I can almost smell the indelible ink overwhelming my nostrils.


Started to list down what I will be craving for when that much-awaited “guess-if-PCOS-will-work” day is but a memory.

1. Guest candidates suddenly being told they are no longer guests and no longer welcome

2. Pacman reciting his many achievements as a congressman, but failing to mention his number of absences (21 out of 61 days)

3. Award-winning songwriters being requested to “write”… Lito Kamo style

4. Angara and Enrile changing their TV spots with the frequency that Dr. Kho changes underwear and video cartridges

5. The kakanin colors of Risa

6. The supreme confidence and the unwavering self-belief of the Jalosjos(es) in Zamboanga and the Tans in Samar that no one else can rule their respective turfs as well as they can

7. Grandpa versus grandson in CamSur

8. Jajajajamby and Cynthia “Hanep-buhay” Villar on the same stage, same political party

7. Two foul-mouthed, old men running for mayor of Manila

8. An onion-skinned, super-sensitive COMELEC chairman

9. Amateur swindlers attempting to make UNA part with cash (P50-million) in exchange for the “solid support” of a certain church

10. Candidates promising everything under the sun

11. Cellar-dwellers being kept awake and/or depressed by survey results

12. PNoy with just one candidate on stage

To help me rewind those magical moments, I have secured erase-proof  copies of the unforgettable  jingles of Cynthia Villar and Jack Enrile. Plus, this ever-reliable visual aid:

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