Feeling V.I.P. in Jakarta

Nothing prepared us for the delightful experience we had at Jakarta’s Millennium Hotel – part of the international chain of exceptionally-managed hotels.

The very minute we left the immigration counter, a uniformed bellhop from the hotel came forward… introduced himself… collected all our bags… and ushered us to two waiting Alphards.

In less than 30 minutes, we were in our “home” for the next four days.


(The all-smiles hotel was our designated “pitstop” as we went through the grueling musical orgy known the world over as the annual Java Jazz Festival.)


The gigantic Javanese mural that welcomes you in the lobby is just one of the many eye candies that abound.


The front desk is framed by intricate woodwork carved lovingly by Javanese artisans.


Upon entering one’s spacious room, a very personal touch.


There’s an area for lounging about in the room and enjoying the free wifi and the massive  LED TV

IMG_1009And the bed… so comfy-looking… made even more inviting by (probably) the softest pillows in the world


As you begin to settle down, what greets you is not the usual “form letter” from the GM – but a uniquely Pinoy touch… a handwritten note

IMG_1037An inviting view of the pool beckons us from our 12th floor suite

Going Japanese.
Going Japanese.

IMG_1161Seafood Teppanyaki – a welcome break from the usually spicy Indon food

IMG_1163Hmmm… Japanese fried rice


Our potassium fix for dessert

IMG_1211The bar with live music – loud, just the way we like it

IMG_1197PH’s loss, JKT’s gain… Manny Mercado, GM of Millennium Hotel Jakarta

IMG_1018Dutch-influenced, tiled roofs as far as the eye can see.

iPhone photos by Anj Garcia

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