Elections is in the Air!


Or, how I’d sell the Candidates – if I were their Campaign Manager.

Some of the candidates are my good friends so I’m sure they won’t mind my posting some “fantasy campaigns” (figments of my imagination lang po) just to lessen the anticipation and tension brought about by the coming polls.

I’m throwing in these thought-starters before some idiot hacks start feeding them with “fresh” ideas like… Todo Asenso, Bayan Panalo… or, Una Sa Lahat – Serbisyo… or the good old Serbisyong Totoo.

(I’ve bravely snagged images from Google and will try to give credit where attribution is – available.) 

1. Chiz Escudero. Easy one.


2. Darlene Antonino-Custodio. The small-but-terrible giant killer.


3. Jamby Madrigal. The gal with balls – gave up a shoo-in reelection bid last time around – just to prove a point.


4. Lani Cayetano.  The very young, very idealistic Mayor of Taguig.


5. Teddy Casino. So bright. So brave. So without funds.


More. More. More to come. Watch out for it.

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