Hamburger heaven – the real deal!

Whenever I travel abroad, first thing I google is the “best burger” of the particular city I’m headed to.

That’s because the beefy stuff is my default meal when I’m in a strange place where eating something more exotic might be courting… the runs.

So this weird habit has made some sort of KIA (Know It All) out of me when it comes to hamburgers.

In Kuala Lumpur, it’s always off to that hole-in-the-wall, makeshift stall in Petaling Jaya for a satisying bite of a burger that not even the local Ritz Carlton can touch.

In Guam, the winner’s Jeff’s Pirate Cove – hands down.

In Oahu, it’s Cheeseburger In Paradise on Waikiki.

London means Byron Hamburger… or nothing at all.

Of course, Los Angeles swarms with hundreds of grilled meaty pit stops… but it’s Oinkster in Eagle Rock where I keep coming back to.

Oinkster is a short drive from Glendale and Burbank, but well worth the effort and the gas

Recently, I discovered what I deem (my taste buds, my opinion, my choice) as the best burger joint in the PH.

Located at Greenbelt 2 (if my memory serves me right, housed where a rip-off pancake place once tried its luck and sadly failed), the fabulous “find” is aptly called BurgerBar.


Opened only last Dec. 1, the place is always crowded and you can’t make a reservation – even if you were Richard Branson or Tim Cook.

The place is very casual with colorful chairs and a wall lined with “painted” vinyl albums


Quite obviously, the owners of BurgerBar know the value of differentiating themselves from everyone else.

Every thing about it is different.

The menu is informative and gives you a clear overview of what you intend to order – as well as what you’ll end up paying.

The burgers are done one and only one way – theirs.

Grilled medium.

So it’s juicy and soft and goes great with their homemade buns and caramelized onions and veggies and tomatoes.


Ordering “The Boss” allows you to customize your burger; from the bun to everything inside it.

Heck… you are even “allowed” to give your creation a unique name.


Easy on the appetizers, though.

You might not have enough room in that tummy of yours with ‘you-can’t-stop-at-one’ treats like Shrimp Poppers served with a Kung Pao dip. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Sweet and tangy all around.


And the onion rings…  definitely “must try”.


But the  very, very best thing about BurgerBar (aside from everything in the menu – including the banana split ice cream in… get this – big cups) is the service.

Never met a banana split like this. Ever.
Never met a banana split like this. Ever.

The waiters are well-trained, attentive to all your needs, and knowledgeable to what the place  can offer.

Or what they can bring you beyond that.

And, great service… that is some thing extremely hard to find…

Extremely rare in the Metro, as rare as… the best burger money can buy.

Contented after-dinner smiles
Contented after-dinner smiles

All photos by Anj Garcia

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