On HighStreet – A “Teaser”

In early June, I found myself in Jakarta… embarking on a journey.

A fun journey. A journey unlike any I’ve taken before.

I was to assist in giving birth to a new Indonesian “baby”… a gamechanger.

It was a brilliant idea that was exactly what this rapidly progressing country needed.

With construction work ongoing all over the place, urban centers were in gridlock mode triggered by horrifying traffic jams.

Suddenly-prosperous Indonesians had money to spend but did not have rapid access to where their money wanted to park.

So On HighStreet materialized.

To bridge the gap between the best brands money can buy… and hundreds of thousands of people who are “cash rich, time poor”.

So… a few hours before its “birthing” schedule, let me give you a hint of what On HighStreet wants to make happen.

Read a few lines… and you’ll get the drift.


3 Responses to “On HighStreet – A “Teaser””

  1. asmartrock Says:

    Interesting insights but can I add the ‘gels’ on Pesbuk?

  2. dennisgspot Says:

    they’re probably a generation removed from you… if you don’t mind that… .they won’t either.

  3. asmartrock Says:

    It’s ok. In pesbuk I’m a 23 yo surfer and great in bed. Of course, they don’t need to know that what I surf is the internet and being great in bed means sleeping on it.

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