Indons: Cash rich, time poor

Private Sale: Making It Easier for Prosperous Indonesia to shop

The world is watching in amazement at the sizzling-hot economy of Indonesia.

Suddenly, the once-underachieving republic of a quarter of a billion people is flexing its muscles and living up to economists’ forecast that Indonesia will be the 4th biggest economy in the world by 2050.

Barring any drastic event, the world in 2050 will be dominated by four super economic powers: 1. India 2. China 3. USA 4. Indonesia

Indonesia’s attractiveness as an investment destination can be attributed to its large market of 240 million people, rapidly expanding middle class, wealth of natural resources and strategic location.

The boom has resulted in ongoing, non-stop construction of roads, flyovers, skycrapers and mall after mall after mall.

24/7 construction boom in Jakarta

Some impressive facts:

• Expanding broad middle class. The 17 million households earning $7,000 a month will rise to 25 million households by 2020. (Reuters, 2012)

• “Indonesia will become the largest luxury market in Southeast Asia over the next few years…” (- Ravi Thakran, Louie Vuitton Marketing Head – Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle  East)

Almost every designer label under the sun is present in Jakarta

The bustling development scene has created a myriad of problems though – foremost of which is the horrendous traffic in Indonesia’s urban centers.

The result: millions of people are reduced to being “time poor, cash rich”. They have the money but don’t have the access nor the time to spend. (Nielsen, 2011)

The horrendous traffic jams are creating a society of “time poor, cash rich” Indonesians

And this is where online private sale companies thrive best.

Private sale companies are members-only websites that allure with exclusive offers on merchandise and services at special privileged prices –  shopping transactions from the comforts of a shopper’s home… with just several taps of their computer keys.

Consider this:

The people who are triggering Indonesia’s boom normally search online before making a purchase

– 55 million internet users (Internet World Stats, 2012)

– 14 hours a week, average usage (New Media Trendwatch, 2012)

– 79 million Facebook users by 2014 (New Media Trendwatch, 2012)

– 62% used social media sites before purchase (Nielsen, 2012)

Fortunately, Indonesia now has a pioneering private sale specialist in its midst.

Welcome… On HighStreet. The website fulfills the much-needed role of a CURATOR for products and services that give customers exceptional, VIP experiences.

On HighStreet handpicks the best brands that offer luxurious experiences like fine dining restaurants, ultra pampering massage, world-class island resorts, and 5-star buffets.

Because On HighStreet buys in bulk, it can translate its savings into special privileged rates – exclusively for members and unavailable anywhere else.

The dynamic ladies of On HighStreet. On the far right is founder Jocs Pantastico… a renowned market research expert and financial adviser in the region… a Pinay.

Thus, the problem that millions have – of being “time poor and cash rich” – is solved seamlessly by On HighStreet.

By acting as the “bridge”, On HighStreet eliminates the gap between emerging prosperous Indonesians and the best brands that money can buy.

On HighStreet is a “curator” of the finer things in life

To experience this exciting new shopping concept, visit

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