All is forgiven, Sec. Mar… you can keep quiet about your projects as much as you like

Sec. Mar Roxas hates anything “epal”.  That’s why – in spite of numerous
brickbats about the projects at DOTC which he heads, he stays low profile
forging on quietly, making sure that each and every project is completed in
the fastest time possible – with the greatest convenience for Filipinos and with as much savings for the government as possible.
Here’s the latest “wow”:
No “praise releases” for this convenient way to get to Bicol.

 Keep ’em coming, Sec. Mar.

3 thoughts on “All is forgiven, Sec. Mar… you can keep quiet about your projects as much as you like”

  1. a flat rate fare of P500, for all Bicol destinations is viable and a go-getter…and i think this will be a ‘FAIR” fare…i

  2. Support your suggestion Iggi. Why would the fare manila-tagkawayan, and manila-ligao be the same, yet their distance are about 200kms??

    1. First of all, Tagkawayan is a part of Quezon province, not Bicol yet. If we’re talking of the Limited class trip, Bicol starts with Ragay station stop, basing from your schedule. The concept of uniformed fare for Bicol must be a well studied,well statistically evaluated program withe the purpose of public service and not profit oriented as what good government must really be. Public transport is the key to the various problems of Metromanila. You have to decentralize and transfer industries outside Manila. Now how would you attract factories and companies to transfer to locations outside Manila if you can’t support them with affordable modes of transportation like the railway system, which in my opinion will be more ideal to locations like Bicol or Ilocos.
      Make use of the abundant talents of people in government service to compute and realize this program. Make use of the available data and statistics which the government already has. Let us start WORKING and LOVE our country.

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