“Are you yellow?”

I just had a dream.

A very bad one.

I was in some coffee shop talking to a VIP… part of the research for my infrequent but enjoyable journalistic foray in the form of a Fridays-only Abante column.

While I was writing down something the interviewee just said… he looked  at me intently and – as if wanting to add a game-changing point to something he just said, but needed some form of “clearance” – pointedly asked, “Are you yellow?”

And that was precisely the moment I woke up.

I was absolutely livid at the thought that, in the Philippines, one can only get the right answers, go places, achieve goals, be provided the correct picture, go to heaven – if he subscribes to a particular belief, political group, or someone’s whims and caprices.

That’s it.

I refused to go back to sleep for fear that my dream will recur… and the question asked again.

“Are you yellow?”

Yes, sir, I am yellow.

And red.

And white.

And blue.

And kulangot brown.

And uhog green.

And whatever color it takes to show the world that I love my country.

And, I will not allow anyone to dictate a specific color that I should embrace to prove it.


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