Bye, bye Billy!

One of the nicest Pinoys in Jakarta is about to say “goodbye”.

Everyone’s buddy: Billy Montinola.

With a 5-year tour of duty under his belt, Billy moves back to Manila this coming weekend to take on regional responsibilities at Tuesday Licensing.

A bachelor since God wore short pants, Billy is so kindhearted and utterly soft-spoken, kababayans look up to him as their kids’ “tito”, single ladies’ favorite chaperone, guys’ favorite drinking buddy and returning families’ designated airport greeter/driver.

Everybody’s Tito.

In Manila, the elusive bachelor will finally have time to contribute even more creative ideas for Manila’s premier dining destination “Cocina de Moning” which his sister is currently managing.

Who knows?

He might inevitably meet his Cinderella dining at the chic place one of these days.

Godspeed, Billy. We’ll miss you.

Selamat jalan!

5 thoughts on “Bye, bye Billy!”

  1. so true dennis. it’ll be so strange and sad not to see him when we fly back to jakarta in 2 weeks.
    billy is a friend for life… sometimes hard to find in transient lives and faraway places. we’ll miss you billy!

  2. Couldn’t agree more.. One of the great man I’ve personally met. Another bosing 🙂 And a smile that never leaves his face. Good Luck Billy! See you soon in Manila.One lucky Cinderella will be blessed to be with you.

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