The US Ambassador’s wife is a kababayan!

I saw her recently at a Filipino function in Jakarta.

No entourage, no “bodyguards”. No craving for attention.

No ride home.

Unassuming. Down to earth. Walang ere.

I reckon those are the most apt words to describe Mae.

Or – as they formally call her – Madame Mae Marciel, the wife of the US Ambassador to Indonesia.

She finished high school at St. Paul College QC and is an economics graduate of the University of Santo Tomas.

After graduation, Mae found herself working at every Pinoy’s favorite destination – the US embassy in Manila. Working in the visa section, she met her Prince Charming who was then a rising star in the consular office.

Mae with her Prince Charming… of 25 years!

RIght after the People Power revolt in Manila, the young couple decided to get hitched and flew back to America.

They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Together in postings from Hong Kong to Vietnam… from Brazil to Turkey.

And now, in the land of nasi goreng.

Two pretty kids came their way in their travels – both girls, now 14 and 19.

Mae keeps herself busy by engaging in numerous worthy charitable projects, along with the spouses of American expats in the archipelago.

She yearns to come home to Manila one of these days after an absence of almost three decades.

Mae Andres Marciel, classmate of singer Zsa Zsa Padilla… you do all Pinoys proud.

Mabuhay ka!


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