Mad about garlic!

The businesses that succeed are unbelievably ruthless.

Their creators are stubborn and hardheaded.

You may mock them till kingdom come, yet they will still stick to what they really want to be famous for. No giving up. No time for naysayers.

Like this resto we stumbled upon in Grand Indonesia. (A cavernous high end mall in Jakarta that houses strange alien names like Gucci, Ferragamo, Dior, Celine, Louie Vuitton, Bonia, Aigner, Pull & Bear, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Braun Buffel, Chanel, and Loewe, among others.)

Operating under the monicker Mad for Garlic, the hotspot serves nothing but dishes prepared with… garlic. Lots of garlic.

Lobster Pasta with garlic. Caesar Salad with super-sized garlic bits. Garlic sizzling rice. Garlic butter shrimp. Garlic steak. Even garlic-sprinkled gelato.

Not exactly the best place to go on a date. Especially a first date.

The minute you enter Mad for Garlic, the overpowering scent of garlic greets you.
The whole place is art-directed with garlic masterpieces.
The lamps are of a familiar shape
The classy picture frames features… guess what?
It’s like walking into a cathedral that worships the smelly bulb plant that’s rumored to have special “powers”.
Even the light fixtures are adorned with the magical bulb.

For starters, we had a real treat: “Dracula Killer”… soft bread served with garlic cooked in olive oil and anchovies

As the main dish, we savored the “Garlic Snowing Pizza”… sweet garlic pizza topped with shrimp and diced pineapple

All in all, a truly memorable dining experience.

(We smelled like garlic when we finally left. But the scent of garlic stuck it out with us. Even the free wifi stayed for hours with my laptop – like garlic cologne – when I moved next door to a coffee shop.)

Why can’t I be bubbly & alive in front of a camera – like most people? Maybe, a garlic overdose might do the trick?

All photos by Pam F. Garcia

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