Because times are hard… the Chubibo guide to saving money.

Don’t take more than one bath a week. Save on your water bill.

Lots of people cut their kid’s hair so if you don’t mind your kids looking stupid, you can save at least P1,200 a year.

Wash your clothes half as often. Especially if you live alone and don’t work or socialize.

Be healthy. Being healthy can easily save you thousands of pesos on items like medical expenses and life insurance.

Don’t buy a cellphone with a directory – chances are that feature adds to the cost. Instead, just get the normal phone book and cross out everyone you DONT know.

Put water into empty shampoo bottles, then shake. Tada! You have made more shampoo!

Don’t just water down the kids’ juice, put juice in their water. Make that juice last a month or more.

One square of toilet paper is all that you need. Enough said.

Act sick after eating at a restaurant, then accept your refund along with a new complimentary meal.

When someone calls you cheap, smile and tell them the word is “frugal”.


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