Airline loses $200M after crew fails to read $300 manual


7 Responses to “Airline loses $200M after crew fails to read $300 manual”

  1. Peggy Vera Says:

    Dennis — Did you read the SNOPES report on this Etihad airplane accident? I think perhaps not.
    See this:
    The report is a mix of false info and true info — for example: the accident was in the Airbus test facilities, and Airbus engineer was in the right seat where all the controls were coming from, the Arab ADAT crew was on the left seat — Airbus cannot put all the blame on the Arabs — and plus more inconsistencies.

    Peggy Vera

  2. happy999 Says:

    OMG…no etihad then…

  3. Gigi Alvia Says:

    Do you think this would happen if crew is Pinoy? Perhaps Arabs can pick up from the Indonesians per your blog “Indonesia powered by Pinoys.”

    • dennisgspot Says:

      pinoys are unbeatable. also, pinoys uprooted from new york. i have a friend in town from jakarta who would be interested to talk to you and stephen about endless possiblilities. tuesday, perhaps?

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