Booming Indonesia – Powered by Pinoys!

OFWs in Indonesia are delightfully different from OFWs in other countries.

The difference: Pinoys in this nation of 250 Million hold critical and top level jobs that are fueling the economic take-off of this nation.

No menial jobs for our kababayans here. No sweeping of streets. Or, manning of money-changer shops. Or, driving bulldozers. Or, taking care of frisky kids.

Our kababayans are highly prized (and highly paid) company CFOs, ad agency creative directors, IT specialists, political strategists, financial experts, food engineers, managing directors and… top dogs.

And the Indon owners of huge companies are not shy about showing their bias for hiring Filipino talents – after all, these entrepreneurs mostly studied in the Philippines and have a pretty good idea of what makes Pinoys tick.

With a VIP escort, whiz through immigration and customs without queuing - parang naka-wangwang. Our kababayans are so well-liked here, Indons love doing favors for them when an opportunity to do so arises. (Photo by Billy Montinola)

Potluck lunch turns into a fiesta!

After landing in Jakarta a few hours ago, I asked my host, Mark Castro, Chief Idea Officer of  to take me to his condo cause I wanted to meet his brilliant wife Kathy – who I see reporting on CNN quite often.

He made my fan fantasies happen… and threw in a potluck lunch as well.

Nope, more like a lamon session.

With Filipina Kathy Quijano-Castro, CNN Bureau Chief in Jakarta
The "potluck" lunch organizers
Myla's Pampango-style sisig to die for
Rich and tasty lengua

Kathy's sinigang
Vida, a marketing lady on a sales blitz from SMDC, dropped by and extremely eligible bachelor Billy Montinola (jakarta's licensing king & the brains - along with sis Suzette - behind Manila's legendary "La Cocina Tita Moning" resto) looked pretty pleased
Happy ending!

No happy ending for me though.

As expected, I over-ate.  And I’m now suffering the consequences of my “misdeed”.