While other countries have moved on — we’re still living in 1986.

The whole world has moved on but we’re still on the same chapter.

It’s still Aquino vs Marcos.

It’s still yellow vs all non-believers.

Instead of moving forward, we’re still being lulled by the romanticism of one shining moment in our history: still basking in the glory of those four glorious days in 1986 when the whole world was focused on us.

While our growth as a nation has been derailed by this time warp, the world has moved on.

Some examples: Germany has moved on and has found it unnecessary to celebrate or attribute its economic rise to the fall of the Berlin wall.

Singapore has evolved into a first world country and never found it necessary to continually hammer home the point that its success can be traced to its dramatic decision to pull out from the Malaysian federation.

In short, they refuse to live in the past.

They know where events in the past belong — in history books.

Sad, but we’ve got to deal with it…

We can’t allow our lives to continue to revolve around events that happened twenty six years ago –- and the years prior to that.

We can’t allow our current shortcomings to continue to be blamed on the conflicts among personalities who were around twenty six years ago –- and the years prior to that.

You’re talking of more than a quarter of a century. That’s an awful long time ago.

We have to move on already.

Or, be content to forever be left behind.

Maybe, what Pinoy showbiz celebrities tirelessly proclaim is actually good advice.

“Past is past… move on na.”


3 thoughts on “While other countries have moved on — we’re still living in 1986.”

  1. Sadly we cant even move on from the age of jeepneys.. And speaking of america and africa, where are they now?

  2. It’s this moronic saying of ours “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa pupuntahan.” that has us stuck in the stupid past!!!

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