The early evening news on TV… and why sex offenders are cheering

It is extremely disturbing what TV networks will do…  in the name of ratings.

Night after night, the growing trend during the 6:30 – 8:00 PM slot is to dish out TV shows masquerading as news programs which are predictably awash with gory details of child rapes or molestations.

So you are fed information about two underage boys who rape and kill a 6-year old girl.

Or, a teleserye-inspired narrative about a woman’s lover who molests her two very young daughters whenever she steps out of the house.

Tasteless sensationalism that gets bolder and cruder… just to haul in viewers and ratings. Which, in turn, keep advertisers from entertaining thoughts of taking their business over to the crass, fast-declining game show on another channel.

As Garci is my witness, these TV “news” programs do not deter crime.

What they actually do is provide a twisted invitation for drooling perverts and closet pedophiles to commit misdeeds.

Ms. Grace Poe, time to step in… and put a stop to all this rubbish.

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