Hey, San Miguel, stop uglifying EDSA!

Your EDSA office looks like a billboard masquerading as a building.

What ever happened to “social conscience”?

And the “common good” before profits?

San Miguel's EDSA office looks like a billboard masquerading as a building
Or a building masquerading as a billboard?

Best thing to do is to take a tip or two from the concerned artists who are doing the opposite of what San Miguel is doing to EDSA…

This mural is making the commute along EDSA more tolerable. A pleasant sight to the eyes - the exact opposite of San Miguel's art attempts lifted from the graphics of some chinaman's shop.

Let me guess the outcome of this ranting:  it’ll be deadma and… “business as usual”.

O, Anong Pangit!


1 thought on “Hey, San Miguel, stop uglifying EDSA!”

  1. Thanks very much, Dennis!
    We are cultivating a countryhood (specially the xyz generations) of lasenggo!!!
    Could be same if there’s one supreme cigarette brand. I am so appalled at magnitude of people who smoke in the Philippines. It is not ‘cool’ & worst for health!
    While I’m on a roll, what about the proliferation of casinos where people drink & smoke!
    God help us all. Pass the SIN tax!
    What we need is Social & Moral People Power!

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