How we’ll spend our impeachment break

No two ways about it: love me or hate me.

Sure, I make fun of your impeachment heroes all the time – but it’s all in the spirit of fun… and ‘wala lang’.

At least, you can be sure that there’ll be fairness all around because I’m an equal opportunity impeachment basher.

Alaskador na walang sinasanto.

So just sit back and… enjoy. The experience just might bring on a smile or two on your face.

Making music - sayang naman ang porma!

A thorough tune-up.

Washing away the soap!
Hello again, law books, nice to see you again!
Finally keeping my appointment.
Defense! Defense! Defense!
Trying out some voodoo - hey, you never know!
Catching up on my reading & writing & bulgogi & kimchi!

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