Strolling in Grace Lee Country

Shot in action by Anj Garcia

Two things I enjoy doing.

Eating. (What I’m very good at.)

Taking pictures. (What I wish I were very good at.)

That’s why I love Seoul.

It’s the one place in the world where what you eat… wherever you eat it… is always d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.

At the same time, it’s the only place in the world where every picture you snap looks straight out of National Geographic.

That interesting.

And to prove my thesis, here are some pictures I shot in Insadong – the art district of Seoul.


While freezing in ‘end-of-winter’ three degrees weather.

With a little help from some very colorful strangers who didn’t know they were being Canon’d. (Or, CANONized?)

A pretty face is as common as the bowls of free kimchi they serve you in restaurants

Koreans have an extraordinary fashion sense

Caring for the elderly is job #1 for most Koreans

You'll rarely see a cop - everyone feels safe in Seoul. The only "criminals" you'll encounter is an occasional ogler or two...

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Exploring narrow alleys like this just might be the path to discovering new culinary experiences

Street food is part of the landscape

Monks and priests are very much part of the fiber of Korean life

Koreans believe that it is a blessing to have a family member working in the service of the Lord. My Korean auntie doubled her chances when both her sons became priests - one with the Anglicans and the other, with the Catholic Church. Hey, you never know.

My baby (in red) blends right in with the beautiful scenery

Setting up shop in Insadong - center for art and antiques

One of my young nieces enjoying a good "read"

The world's most wired nation with internet speeds that will make you drool

Queen of the road

Hale and hearty

Siblings reminiscing: my mom-in-law (right) with her kid sister

Omnipresent monks

Begging in the street - staying faithful to their vow of poverty

For these busy people, eating on the go is the norm

Having a quick one

No age limit to eating on the run

For some, a cup of java is enough

No wonder, most Koreans are slim. Well... of course... there are exceptions.

Whoa... a Korean version of KFC's Col. Sanders...

An ice cream lover's paradise: even Turkish ice cream is available

A society tolerant of people's sexual preferences...

... and musical tastes!

Getting lost is one of the best things that can happen to you

Ever ready - bordering on obsession - to give directions

Anj logged 32 gigabytes of photos in her 5D Mark II cam

Guess who was logged on the web 24/7?

Much-coveted Korean chests line the sidewalks

Seniors spend precious "me-time" at the numerous parks and temples

Any time is a good time to look like a matinee idol

One of many daily cultural parades

A great way to announce that you want some privacy

Heavyweight melons

Shopping is always great and stress-free

A walk in the park

Knee-high boots are always sexy

A tranquil corner in the park

Seoul-searching should always be a family affair

Next posting: A Typical Meal in Grace Lee Country

(All photos shot & owned by Dennis Garcia. Restrictions apply.)


8 Responses to “Strolling in Grace Lee Country”

  1. Stephen L. Tyler Says:

    nicely done, Dennis!

  2. Ruel Tafalla Says:

    well done sir

  3. Eleanor Says:

    Inggit me Idol…

  4. yolanda punsalan Says:

    Great shots! Yes, Korean ice cream is very good….

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