A Typical Meal in Grace Lee Country

Koreans consistently reward themselves for working harder than most humans.

They do it by lavishing themselves with meals fit for emperors.

Yes, eating – for Koreans – is not a tedious chore that one has to grudgingly attend to . Rather, it’s a ritual that announces… “I work hard… and feasting on the best food is not something others should be resentful about. After all… I… am… worth it”.

To Koreans, there is no such thing as “the main course”.

Bowls and bowls of food are laid out on the table at rapid-fire pace… and before you know it, plates are clean… everything’s been consumed.

The aftermath of a typical Korean meal. Empty bowls... dozens of them... laid out on a table - from end to end

Let me rewind the events that led to the picture above.

It started with lunch at Seoul’s renowned old world resto… Hanilkwan… serving millions since 1939.

It started with this…

The quartet consisted of pumpkin soup, a salad, water kimchi and some veggies

and… ended two hours later.

Salad #2: fish fillet and pineapple salad

In olden times, only the members of the nobility were allowed to enjoy this dish: gujeolpan

Spicy octopus with noodles - highly addictive

Two kinds of pancake: bindaeduk and seafood pajeon

Appetizers: kimchi, fresh seaweed and mushrooms

Sizzling bulgogi

Lettuce, pepper and an assortment of leaves to wrap the bulgogi in

A good soup rounds out a typical Korean meal. In this case, Nengmyeun - cold soup with glass noodles, veggies and pieces of pear. Just add a little vinegar and a bit of mustard... and you're good to go.

My imo ("auntie", in Korean)

A big “kamsamnida” to our hostess… my Korean auntie!


So, Grace, don’t you just miss dining at Hanilkwan?

Not to worry… good old Korea Garden in Makati (since 1974) is around to fulfill all your gustatory fantasies and delights. Effortlessly.


6 Responses to “A Typical Meal in Grace Lee Country”

  1. Gigi Alvia Says:

    why do you torment us. dennis!

  2. dennisgspot Says:

    and this torment won’t be through… till you spend some time at korea garden, gigi! (shameless self-promotion indeed)

  3. jojo samson Says:

    miss the beef stew!!!!!!

  4. Stephen L. Tyler Says:

    This is making me hungry! How can you snap photos with such temptations before you? 🙂

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