Congressman Tiangco Electrifies Impeachment Hearing!

Congressman Tiangco appeared before the impeachment court today and dazzled the crowd with his mohawk hair-do.

Everybody swarmed around him to admire his crowning glory and, more importantly, to get the contact numbers of his hair stylist.

Immediately, the presiding officer called for a recess and the courtroom was suddenly empty. For unknown reasons, only Atty. Aguirre showed no eagerness to join the soon-to-be-transformed hipsters.

"Kayo na lang... mahangin sa labas."

The session resumed three hours later.

8 thoughts on “Congressman Tiangco Electrifies Impeachment Hearing!”

  1. Bwah,ha,ha! For a sometimes very boring afternoon teleserye, this kind of humor perks us up! More, please!

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