Hey, arrogant Azkals… win some games first, dudes!

Mga pare’ko… marami sa inyo’y hindi taga-rito. Ngayon palang ay dapat n’yong malaman – hindi binabastos ang mga babae sa bayan namin.

A Jeremy Lin… you guys are not.

Enough is enough. A few months back, some members of the Azkals were involved in a sexual harassment incident… and, now, there’s a new one involving the daughter of a former Philippine president.

Her letter of complaint says it all.

"He stood in front of me purposely just wearing his briefs and made no attempt to wear shorts or cover his underwear."
"He said in a loud voice 'Must be a B cup,' to which the players laughed loudly."


Dear Mr Lim:

This to file a formal complaint against Messrs LEXTON MOY (no. 25) and ANGEL GUIRADO (no. 12) of the Philippine men’s national football team, for SEXUAL HARASSMENT during the team check for the friendly match between the Philippines and Malaysia (both “A” teams) on 29 February 2012, 1900H, at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium, Manila, Philippines.

During the Team Managers’ Meeting on 28 February 2012 at the Discovery Suites in Pasig City, Philippines, I mentioned to the representatives of both the Philippine team and the Malaysian team that I would be serving as the Match Commissioner for their match.

As stated in the AFC’s regulations and Official Countdown, the Match Commissioner together with the Fourth Official check the teams before the match to verify their identification (accreditation) cards and ensure that their kits are in proper order. However, being a woman Match Commissioner doing a men’s match, I had to explain that I would give the teams sufficient warning and preparation time before I would come inside their changing rooms to do the team check together with the Fourth Official, Mr Wilfredo Bermejo.

Whenever I serve as the Match Commissioner, I always follow a standard procedure for the team check regardless of the type of match. At the time of the check I initially knock loudly at the door of the changing room as a sign of courtesy and warning to the team, and then let the Fourth Official first enter the changing room to check if the players are ready before I finally enter the room.

Before doing the check itself, I properly introduce myself as the Match Commissioner and also introduce the Fourth Official. I also explain the procedure of how the check will be done. I always tell the players that I will be checking their accreditation cards first then their jerseys, and that the Fourth Official will thereafter check the rest of their kits and other items, e.g., jewellery, hair accessories, fingernails etc. I also tell them the sequence of the check, i.e., I check the starting 11 players first then proceed with the substitutes.

At the appointed time (1745H) on match day, I came to the changing room of the Philippine team for the team check. I was accompanied by Fourth Official Wilfredo Bermejo and my liaison officer, Mr Joseph Gensaya. I initially knocked loudly at the door to signal my arrival. A team official opened the door and said that the team would be ready in five (5) minutes. We then waited for five minutes presuming that the team was getting ready for the team check.

When we entered the changing room of the Philippine team, I properly introduced ourselves and explained the procedure for the check. In spite of the introduction the players remained rowdy and noisy, apparently not taking the team check seriously and almost ignoring our presence.

As I called the players individually so that we could check their accreditation cards and kits, Philippine player LEXTON MOY (no. 25) stood by my right side and said in a loud voice “Must be a B cup,” to which the players laughed loudly. As I was the only female in the room, he was apparently referring to my bra size. He could not have been talking about men’s athletic cups, as their sizes are specified as extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large vis-a-vis cup sizes of women’s brassieres, which are specified in letters.

Additionally when I checked Philippine player ANGEL GUIRADO (no. 12) he stood in front of me purposely just wearing his briefs and made no attempt to wear shorts or cover his underwear. Again, the players loudly laughed while I was checking this player.

While all this was happening, none of the Philippine team officials present nor the team captain, JAMES JOSEPH YOUNGHUSBAND (no. 7), made any attempts to discipline the players and tell them to behave properly. In fact they were also laughing and seemed to be enjoying the revelry at my expense. Philippine Team Manager DAN STEPHEN PALAMI and Philippine Head Coach HANS MICHAEL WEISS were both not present in the changing room at the time of the team check.

Having been a Match Commissioner for girls’, women’s, boys’ and men’s matches since 2003 at both AFC and FIFA levels, I have not experienced this crude and totally shameful behaviour from a national team anywhere before this incident. I truly regret and feel very ashamed that this disrespect comes from the national team of my country, the Philippines. This kind of sexist and demeaning behaviour has no place in football, and should therefore be sanctioned.

Cristina RAMOS


7 thoughts on “Hey, arrogant Azkals… win some games first, dudes!”

    By N. Mark Castro

    On the surface, it may seem to be a simple case of a wayward behavior of an arrogant youth … the way most kids are, particularly those devoid of culture native to the country they are in.

    But scratch it and it will reveal a social dilemma we face as a nation.

    It is no longer unfortunate when we allow ourselves to be trampled upon by children supposedly representing our nation, particularly when they’re bereft of the values that have been instilled upon us by our elders … it’s sad, really.

    The problem often arise when we, as a nation, deify a person or persons to reflect ideals we project upon them. This was not exactly the first. Look at the social phenomena that we have created and ended up biting our derriere in 14 different ways.

    Gloria In Excelsis?

    Remember how we fought against perceived atrocities of Erap Estrada? How we took to the streets and collectively decided in behalf of the voting public what’s good for them; what’s good for us. Don’t get me wrong. Erap could have been a perfectly ghastly man. I just couldn’t help but think on hindsight if we weren’t a little insane then, perhaps, for thinking that God Almighty was reserving seats for our course of action.

    We decided to forego the laws of the land and invoked yet again vox populi, vox dei … as if God, in His Infinite Wisdom, could not speak for Himself.

    And so for 9 years we bickered and bitched about the sad fate of our nation against a questionable administration, despite the very essence of an earlier peaceful revolution exclaiming to the world that never again shall we fall for ingenous technicalities.

    If time is money, well, we certainly lost a lot of that.

    Then came the heroic tale of P-Noy whom we elevated to the highest office, projecting yet again the very same noble ideals that we clearly didn’t have. And as he continues to falter before our great expectations, we bicker and bitch again about the sad state of our nation.

    We seem to have a knack of projecting all these nationalistic ideals to people that will cotninue to fail us: our entertainers, our politicians, our business leaders and, yes, our athletes.

    That’s where the connection is with this social phenomena.

    We hailed these boys as the new heroes of our nation when they played for our flag when, in truth, they just found a better option, if not a better pay. We deified them yet again and ascribed to them ideals we could only think of, throwing money at them, advertising products using their personalities, shoving our entertainers as fodder for gossip.

    It’s as if we gave them the key to our collective pussy, and now we complain we’re being fucked.

    How could these children be expected to behave otherwise when we have allowed them to live with neither fear nor fervor? How could these children behave otherwise when we’ve given them carte blanche in living recklessly before our eyes. Ask any objective sociologist and even they would be perplexed at our penchance for deification.

    Blaming them is like blaming a snake.

    I blame us. I blame me.

    I have worked in a business venture with Cristy Ramos at a time when she lorded over the Olympic Committee, when her father sat on the seat by the river. In that brief year, I experienced how she would plead with everyone to treat her no differently from the rest; how she interacted closely with me in such an inspiring demeanor, and how my great expectations of a financial windfall came crashing down because the poor woman would neither use her clout nor her office to accept what was being thrown our way.

    I thought I would be offensively rich and could bask in the limelight of her perceived power and would be well onto my way to a life of perfidy.

    I blame her parents for raising her in such a way that deprived me of my bank account in Switzerland.

    She was the daughter of the president at a time when there was a supposed plenty. Let me tell you of that cruel fate when I was this close to power: not only did we not make any money. We lost money!

    How’s that for integrity?

    I remember her much-younger looking self comforting my 28-year old eye and saying, “It’s OK, Mark. That’s business. We’ll bounce back.”

    Day in and day out, I’d work with this amazing woman and realized from then on that I had no business associating myself with people who had integrity … or, subscribing to such foolish thoughts that business had to be influenced by politics. If I was to make it, I thought, it had better be in the form of educating the people I encounter with exactly what I want.

    If God Almighty had wanted to punish me, all He does is give me exactly what I want … and so here I am today, 15 pounds later, telling politicians and institutions exactly what I want in one of the most corrupt countries on earth.

    Imagine that.

    So what are we to do with these kids?

    Believe me when I tell you, send them home.

    This was never theirs.

    And to the entire Azkal Team, if I were to tell you one thing as you all board back to your acquired homes, it would be this:

    “It’s Cup C, morons.”

  2. Bwahahaha. Carly! If you see her, give my warm regards. She doesn’t know Norwin, just Mark. Screen name ko kasi yon. Worked with her then with Derek. Pauwiin nyo na yang mga yan bago ko makabalik jan. Walang silbi. At mas bagay kami ni Angel.

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