2012: What to Expect

Climate Change will continue to be the world’s No. 1 concern

The government agency in charge of calamities will continue to have a long, convoluted name that’s impossible to remember… and will again be No. 1 in disaster blamestorming sessions

It’ll be a walk in the park for the next US President and his Veep

The two “Mona Lisas” of the year in Congress: RH & the Freedom of Information bills

As Nat King Cole lamented in his classic song Mona Lisa… “Many dreams have been brought to your doorstep… they just lie there and they die there…”

We will lose even more talented Pinoy singers and musicians – not due to overdose, death or sickness, but – because of… call centers.

To survive, ad agencies will need to rapidly embrace the new digital frontier and unlearn what they’ve been preaching for years

The 2013 Philippines elections goes full throttle

Right after New Year festivities – a year and 1/3 before the counting (and the cheating) – expect to be inundated by ‘innocent’ infomercials and instant advocacies. Election candidates will actively live a second life as radio or TV public affairs hosts. Newspaper columnists will start painting glowing canvases of their favored candidates. Spin doctors will happily make more trips to the bank.

2012 will be the Pacman’s final year in boxing – he will announce his retirement after winning in a lackluster fight or losing in a spectacular one

(Of course, the ever-present Chavit SIngson and Lito Atienza will be by his side.)

MVP will acquire yet another Pinoy business crown jewel which will make some people fearful that these bold take-overs and changes will extend to the Philippine flag

New Pinoy talents will blossom and shine                                                              Unpolished, awkwardly packaged but waiting to take over: there’ll be lots of local talents who will impress our socks off. Here’s one of them…

Despite devastating calamities, dwindling finances, tasteless movies, even more tasteless TV shows, unending scandals, weak leadership and grim predictions like these… Filipinos will survive 2012 – with a smile.


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