Tourism Chisms!

Loose lips sink ships.

And they also end the suspense on news that’s being held back for unknown reasons.

A few nights ago, I overheard two earthshaking chisms centered on our tourism industry. Unverified, but let me share.

Chism #1

Sino na ANG bagong may-ari ng PAL?

It was first offered to a mercurial MVP but a certain beverage kingpin was faster on the draw.

Nope, Airphil is not part of the deal.

Chism #2

The talk in the table next to mine was about the much-anticipated DOT slogan that will supposedly make Malaysia and Thailand tremble – and pee in their pants.

Years of full volume guitar-playing have damaged my ears but it sounded like…

I hope I didn’t get it right.

I hope my ears were deceiving me.

It just doesn’t seem like the breakthrough magical phrase that will lure 10 million tourists to our pleasure islands by 2016.

But, then again… that’s only my opinion.


13 thoughts on “Tourism Chisms!”

      1. Yeah….took them half a year of brainstorming to conceptualize…#1 in FUN!! Well, how about “EXCITING BUS RIDE” while being held hostage?

  1. I heard the number one in fun slogan too. But I thought that was for the local tourism level campaign. Either way, it sucks.

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