Santa’s Little Helper – Deal Grocer. (Or, How I can feel like a Millionaire… for a limited period.)

Like most of the guys in my generation, I’m past the age when Christmas is something to get excited about. I no longer lose sleep in anticipation of opening gifts under the tree and of dressing up for the annual sneak attack on my ninongs and ninangs.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Even doing the traditional countdown leading to the big day is as exciting as a two-day encounter with diarrhea.

These days, the happiest of holidays has been reduced to the year’s most tedious one.

All because of one wretched word: decisions.

Decisions, decision, decisions. The hallmark and downside of this Christian festivity.

What tree to get? Plastic. Oregon fir. Recyled.

What food to prepare? Non-fattening. Free range. Sugar-free.

Who to include in the gift list? Boss. Crush. Sikyus.

Where to spend the long holidays? Bohol. Palawan. Boracay. White Plains (Quezon City).

I thank my lucky stars that the hassles have been reduced significantly by a service called Deal Grocer – specifically a site with the url

The caption gives you a clue on what sort of people they want to attract.

Deal Grocer is like being surrounded by Santa’s little helpers…  with each one magically turning into a personal shopper – your personal shopper.

Deal Grocer is like the much-hyped Groupon… only much, much better.

Deal Grocer lines up a set of vendors and service providers who offer amazingly huge discounts – without your having to wait for a specified number of people to come on board to activate the offer.

Unlike other similar services, I don't have to wait for 7,845 other customers until the discount for my yummy Park Avenue dessert becomes effective. (Some DG competitors really make you feel like a Quiapo jeepney passenger who needs to wait till the vehicle is filled with passengers - before you can take off.)
I can get this gift (Laneige Sleeping Pack) for my wife without having to fight my way through the horrendous Christmas traffic jam - all it takes is just a few clicks on my keyboard

And, mind you, the service doesn’t attract penny-pinching Pinoys… because only Division 1 establishments, products and services are “anointed” as vendors.

After reading about it for years, I finally found out - one day - that I could afford (for a limited period) to dine at La Cocina de Tita Moning
The day I use my Arena island Deal Grocer voucher... is the day I will send a million photos to all my friends who never invited me to their swimming trips to Lido beach (Cavite)

DG acts like a magnet to people like me who dream of taking that dream trip to Palawan or biting into a Bistecca steak or welcoming the New Year at the Intercon or having dinner at legendary Tita Moning’s… but are made to think twice, thrice when confronted by the huge bill that the pleasure will entail.

The huge discount – oftentimes over 30% – is the deal breaker.

I can have as much seared scallops as I want at Opus without filing for bankcruptcy - for a limited period.
Maybe, quality detox time (overnight wellness retreat/resort) at The Farm at San Benito (Lipa)... is just what the doctor ordered

Thinking about the new experiences just around the corner (with huge discounts… for a limited period) is making me rethink my attitude about our favorite holiday.

I don't mind flying to Bohol again... with accommodations as luxurious as those offered at the Peacock Garden Hotel

I reckon this Christmas won’t be such a bad deal after all.

With a little help from Deal Grocer.

Even for a limited period.

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