Curious lang. Who’s this lady & why is she being linked to a Pinoy icon?

I keep seeing these images on the web… and would appreciate some enlightenment on why this pretty ms. is all over the place.

Lots of speculations and innuendos.

What is true? And what is merely showbiz trash?

A curious mind wants to know.


4 Responses to “Curious lang. Who’s this lady & why is she being linked to a Pinoy icon?”

  1. elnegritoamante Says:

    It seems you have the latest pics on her. Was she the one photographed with the larger-than-life Pinoy icon sporting his untrimmed whiskers in a resto a few of years back (which was lampooned by showing the icon grabbing one of her kuwan[this was photoshopped, of course] facing the cam while seated in a resto table)? If, indeed, she was the one in that old pic–oh, my, she has metamorphosed into a sophisticated-looking lady! Curious din.

  2. Nelson L.Cruz Says:

    Considering that she has two rosaries and various scapulars hanging from her rear view mirror, she must be a very religious lady…one who spends a lot of time on her knees. I will ask around. I’m sure my ‘lay’ minister friends will know.

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