An Unsolicited Plug from the Country’s #1 Business Columnist — Priceless!

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DEMAND AND SUPPLY By Boo Chanco (The Philippine Star) Updated November 04, 2011 12:00 AM  View comments


My high school schoolmate who made the Hotdog band famous, Dennis Garcia, turned out to be one of those appointed by Sec Mar Roxas to the committee overseeing NAIA 1’s extreme makeover. He reassured me in an e-mail that they will move fast. “Don’t worry, Boo. I will keep you posted on the NAIA rehab board. Mar got me ata cos I’m an impatient, hard-to-please whiner and he KNOWS that I hate committees. Anyway, he is truly sincere in wanting changes to happen fast. And the nice thing is… he has the funds to get things moving.”

Incidentally, Dennis is opening his very first art exhibit next Tuesday, Nov. 8 and will be up to the 22nd. “Rakenrol” will be happening at GALERIEONE workshop, Suite 324, LRI Design Plaza, Nicanor Garcia St, Bel Air II, Makati City.

Says Dennis: “I’ve been working on the pieces since last year. These are mostly acrylic paintings over giclee prints (images I shot and manipulated on the computer, then printed on canvas). I was inspired by the witty work of graffiti artist Banksy and the undiscovered gems on canvas by Sir Paul (McCartney).

“As the exhibit’s name hints, the paintings will revolve around music and band musicians. It also features Pinoys from the past – whose temperaments – make it quite likely that they would have become ‘rockers’ – if they were still young… and alive today.” Imagine Jose Rizal as a rock star!

Dennis says doing this exhibit is part of his bucket list… Dennis said he learned to paint around two years ago (with a Dutch artist in Bali, Indonesia) using his hands/fingers as a brush. Dennis is always busy doing many things at a time. He is currently into producing virals on the Internet and his first short film (to be shot in Ilocos Norte). He writes a Friday column in Abante… and a deliriously successful blog CHUBIBO. He is also almost done with an album of his solo compositions (Dennis Garcia Songbook)… And the big one: Annie B, The Musical (due November, 2012).

Whew!!! What a guy! And here is Dennis’s promise to those who will come and visit his exhibit: “It is witty…irreverent… down to earth… RAKENROL does for Pinoy art what Manila sound did for Pinoy music in the ‘70s. Grabbed it from the elitists and made it accessible even to those, who never in their wildest dreams, imagined spending time in an art gallery…” Dennis should show his work in the malls to bring it closer to the people.

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