Thank you, Baby Gil!

What is Dennis Garcia up to these days when he is not making music or promoting another Hotdog reunion? He paints. The Hotdog frontman does not really paint in the conventional way. You know, easel and canvas and paintbox. There are new ways of doing that now. And that is what Dennis does and what he will show off in his first one-man exhibit. This will be held on Nov. 8 to 22 at the Galerieone Workshop, Suite 324, LRI Design Plaza, Nicanor Garcia St., Bel Air II, Makati City. So do not expect this to be a regular exhibit. In fact, as he blurbs in the poster, If you expect to see the usual stuff, stay home.

Here is how he describes his works: I’ve been working on the pieces since last year. These are mostly acrylic paintings over giclee prints, images I shot and manipulated on the computer, then printed on canvas. I was inspired by the witty work of graffiti artist Banksy and the undiscovered gems on canvas by Sir Paul McCartney. As the exhibit’s name hints, the paintings will revolve around music and band musicians. It also features Pinoys from the past, whose temperaments, make it quite likely that they would have become “rockers” it they were still young and alive today.”

Painting is part of Garcia’s bucket list. You know what a bucket list is. It is a list of those things that people on the other side of 50 wish to accomplish before they become too old to enjoy life. Dennis just crossed out one. He took up handpainting two years ago in Bali, Indonesia. So when he is not doing this, he is busy with his own creative consultancy firm, Strategy & Magic where he has clients like Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, Mar Roxas, Darlene Antonino Custodio and others, he paints.

He is also doing virals on the Internet and looking forward to making his first short film. He will shoot this in beautiful Ilocos. This is because Gov. Imee Marcos, who I know loves films and is always supportive of local movies, has ruled that the province will shoulder part of all the costs of productions shot there. This is to boost tourism and to encourage producers to shoot films in Ilocos. Dennis also blogs, writes a newspaper column and is now working on an album of his solo compositions, The Dennis Garcia Songbook and on the musical based on his hit song, Annie Batungbakal.

Hotdog leader, Manila Sound pioneer and songwriter is the Dennis that people know best. Years from now I am sure generations will still be listening to and talking about his songs. An astute cultural observer, he has a way of looking at prevailing mores and putting these into his songs. He mixed English and Filipino lyrics in his first big hit Pers Lab and fueled a pop revolution. Annie Batungbakal is his look at the Manila disco scene of the late ’70s. Another one is Bongga Ka Day.

Among his other big sellers are Manila, Panaginip, Langit Na Naman, Sa Isip Ko, Nahan Ka Na Ngayon, Ikaw Ang Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko, Bitin Sa ‘Yo, Kung Aminin Kong May Asawa Na Ako, Beh Buti Nga, O Lumapit Ka, and Badaf Forever.

The Dennis though who is now in the spotlight is not the musician but the painter. Visit Rakenrol and find out how he sees President CoryAquino, Jose Rizal, Pepe Smith, Stevie Wonder and other rockers or might have been rockers. I do not know if he intends to sell any of his paintings. I hope he does as I am sure that Regine Velasquez will want to have hers.

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