Pedring gives Manila a taste of a mini-tsunami

WIthout warning, the seawall by Roxas Boulevard completely disappeared… and before anyone could shout “tubig”, water had risen to abnormal heights. Guests at Sofitel Hotel were quickly evacuated and transferred to hotels away from the bay.

The sight of floating cars parked at the mini-resort (and over 30 submarines… errr… wheels in the basement parking) was obviously good news for mechanics and auto repair shops.

Even the mighty US Embassy – whose mere sight causes many Pinoy hearts to pound much faster than normal – was defenseless against Pedring.

But… No. 1 on my ever-compassionate mind:

WIth Pedring taking over our favorite buffet place (Spirals at Sofitel), where do we now go for endless oysters and Peking duck?

Hmmm…. time to check out Deal Grocer.


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