If REINCARNATION were for real, I wanna go back as…

10. Marc Anthony. Having been married to two of the most beautiful women in the world is quite a big deal.

9. Carole King. The songs she wrote will thrill each and every generation that gets to listen to them.

8. Noynoy Aquino. To be trusted by majority of the people and to get that ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ chance to change a nation’s bad habits is like… winning the lotto.

7. Freddie Mercury. Great pipes and stunning stage presence… as rare as a Pinoy who doesn’t own a pirated DVD.

6. Bill Bernbach. The creative icon who proved that advertising is NOT a science.

5. Paolo Garcia. Shameless and self-serving plug? Ma ko, pa ko (malay ko, pakialam ko). But who wouldn’t want to be a 20+ year old guy who can shoot and edit film – without a budget, make ‘hard-to-ignore’ music and stitch refreshing beats, jail-break iPads, sketch skillfully in seconds, play a dozen musical instruments, discuss a movie for hours, disdain material things… and forever stay low key and unassuming?

4. Jack Kevorkian. Dr. Death… bravery in the face of widespread censure. Who else will risk going to jail for assisted suicide – just to ease the unimaginable, worse-than-death, excruciating pain of a terminally-ill patient?

3. Prime Minister Mahathir. Asean’s true visionary. He transformed a drab, sleepy, forgettable country in the 70s… to a dazzling Malaysia that never fails to impress and inspire.

2. Paul McCartney. His being (probably) the greatest musician/songwriter is a ‘given’… but his unheralded work on canvas is jaw-dropping amazing.

1. Steve Jobs. Apple. Macintosh. Pixar. Mac Air. iTunes. iPod. iPad. iPhone. Nobody does it better.


Who’s on your list?


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