Why I love black and white photographs…

WIth Black & White: No Distractions
Too many colors in a photograph tend to take the focus away from your subject. That’s why, sometimes… taking the color out of an image lets the subject speak for themselves. It’s raw, it’s stripped back, it’s honest and it shows the true person.

Sec. Mar’s “howl” wouldn’t be as dramatic — in color!

Subtlety of Tones
Black and white images offer you a subtlety of tones. You can achieve a variety of interesting images. And though black and white sounds so boring – you’ll love discovering that there are so many shades in between – challenging you to  bring them all out in an image!

The creative process with black and white images is so… artistic. It’s like molding clay – you can shape it into a myriad of shapes. Black and White images can be strong, high contrast and powerful – or they can be so soft, gentle and subtle.

All photographs by Angela F. Garcia.


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